Help… need setting info for Benevolence theme!

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    I am an idiot when it comes to working with technical jargon like CCS and would love it if somebody out there could give me the clif-notes version for setting the pictures to show up full frame (600x400px) and how to make the text in the body of the message larger. Right now my horizontal images are getting cut off about 2/3 of the way across. TIA!



    This will give you the image maximum widths for the various themes: . Without the CSS upgrade, and knowledge of CSS, there isn’t a way to make the post area wider.

    As far as the text goes, the story is the same unless you want to put in the appropriate code in each and every post:


    Is this your blog ? If so, I strongly suggest that you decrease the number of posts displayed as it takes quite a long time to load. You have to remember that the majority of those out there are still on dialup. Hard to believe, but it is true.

    With as many photos as you have in some of the posts, I would probably limit it to 3 or 4 posts. Go to options > reading and under “Show at most:” decrease the number to 3 or 4 and then click “update options.”



    @ashley: thesacredpath is right, you should seriously consider decreasing the number of posts because it took me more than 5 minutes on my 128K broadband to open all the images on the first page. The lesser posts/images you have, the faster it loads.


    I actually have the CSS upgrade… I just need to be told exactly what to do. thanks for the “number of post” recommendations… most of my clients are big-city, high-speed folks, so the slow loading isn’t really an issue for them… but I do appreciate the input! Back to formatting the CSS… is there a “line” I can insert or change to allow for the full 600 pixel width to show? Same for text…? TIA




    I just need to be told exactly what to do.

    The css upgrade purchase is not recommended to thos who have no experience with css editing. Once you purchase the upgrade you are required to do your own work. There is no staff support for learning css editing and staff will not “fix” any borkage you create.
    Professionals, of course, work long hours to make a living and sometimes one will show up in the forum to help on a volunteer basis. However, you are in a position of waiting until one shows up and chooses to help.



    It natural that volunteers answering your questions will want to see your blog so they can give your better advice and I concur with the 2 other volunteers answering this thread. You have far too much on the front page and the long page loading time (yes, I’m on high speed) is so annoying that I will not be clicking your url link again. Perhaps you could consider reducing the number of posts on the front page during this period of time when you are asking us fro help.



    @ashley: Well no, that thing unfortunately can’t be sorted with a single “line” of code. You’ll need to ask someone who’s familiar with CSS to increase the width of the blogging area or else you’ll have to resize your images accordingly which I don’t think you’ll be wanting to do since you’re a photographer. Since you’re on a CSS update, you might want to look for themes which have bigger blogging areas or else have an expert make one such theme for you.

    You could also use one of the themes which have a larger post area, larger than 600px according to your requirement.


    To do what you want to do may require adjusting a bunch of different things.



    No kidding and adjusting a bunch of different things requires assistance from those who have expertise. That let’s the 3 of us answering this thread out. It also means that you will have to be patient. Perhaps one of the experts will spend some volunteer time on the forum this weekend, perhaps not. However, it would not be a service to lead you to believe that you will be getting instant help from experts when this is not the case.


    I have no problem resizing my images, it’s just taking the time to do it. I switched over to wordpress from blogger simply b/c of more attractive layout selections. I had no idea I was opening a whole new can of worms to deal with. I’ve actually just been experimenting with different templates and just switched to “benevolence” yesterday… before that I was using “rounded” which limited the number of posts that came up… i just didn’t take the time to change the number of posts when I switched. I am really most concerned with getting my entire image to come up, and it looks like the easiest thing for me to do is to resize the images and switch them out. my problem with “rounded” was the flexible width. I was fine with that layout as well, and my images came up in their entirety, but the flexible width caused the images and text to “scatter” according to the screen they came up on. Is that hard to fix? To get flexible to stay put? I am just a very busy photographer and don’t have alot of time to devote to reading up on CSS… and Mark directed me to this forum for help, therefore I assumed I could find a little. That’s the only reason I’m here. I was just looking for an quick answer, but it looks like it’s a little more involved than I was expecting.

    In spite of it all, thanks guys and I wish you the happiest of holidays…


    … and “timethief”, it’s now safe to browse my url… i’ve changed the setting to limit the posts :)



    Oh well, nothing can be perfect you see. It’s very difficult finding the perfect theme unless it’s tailor made for you. Having said that though, I don’t have any clue how the Rounded theme and it’s flexible width works. But I’m sure fixing that would involve some coding as well and will end up being complicated.

    It’s best that you try out the other themes and see which one works best and use only one image size. If you’re uploading one with 600×400, then let them all be the same so that you don’t face a problem afterwards. There are also some more themes in which the text area is more than 600px so you might wanna try those. You can get the idea about the post area’s from the first link in thesacredpath’s first reply to your post.




    If you read this thread again, you can alter the post width column (in Benevolence) like this:

    Go to Presentation->Edit CSS

    In the ‘CSS Stylesheet Editor’ enter the following code:

    #wrapper, #insideWrapper, #footer {width: 900px;}
    #content, .post {width: 620px;}
    #masthead {
     	width: 900px;
    	background: #fff url('') top left repeat-x !important;
    img {margin: 10px 5px;}

    Make sure that the “Add to existing CSS (View stylesheet)” radio button is checked. Save.

    That’s all.

    If for some reason you want to reset this rules or change theme, just delete the code posted above from the CSS editor, save again, et voila.




    BTW, sometimes you will get a ‘quick answer’, sometimes you won’t. It will depend on how complex the change is or how busy the volunteer who’s trying to help you is.

    In my post above, in order to change the width of the post area so that your pictures fit well, I had to change the properties of other elements of the pages as well… I’m telling you this just to give you an idea of how this works.



    thanks, devblog… I really do appreciate it!

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