HELP! Need to renew domain mapping

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    I didn’t realize it was my domain mapping that was expiring…I thought it was an old domain name that was expiring. I’ve read through old posts and followed the directions in wordpress, and I cannot find a “renew domain mapping” button. Can anyone help me? It says support is closed through next Tuesday!

    The blog I need help with is


    Is there a link in the announcement in your dashboard?


    Thank you for reading this so fast!!

    Yes…here is what happens (step by step…because I’ve been going around in circles!)

    This is what appears when I go to the site: “Your subscription to “Domain Mapping” has expired or is about to expire. Visit the Upgrades page to renew it.
    “Remember the Poor” Domain Mapping ( September 5, 2009″ “UPGRADE”

    Both “Remember the Poor” and “Upgrade” are links that take me to the same page, which is the “Upgrades>Domain” page.

    There are several options:

    1. add a domain. didn’t think that was it, but I tried it when nothing else worked, and of course since I already have that domain name (, it takes me back to the same page.

    2. I have a list of 3 domain names–one is expired, one is the WP domain name, and one is my primary domain name– I click on that, and it takes me to the same page.

    3. It tells me when each domain expires, which also shouldn’t be it, and it isn’t. I clicked on the renew button next to it, and it just allows me to renew the domain name, which doesn’t expire for quite a while.

    4. Update primary domain name button–that also shouldn’t be the thing that works, and it isn’t :) I do have the correct site set as the primary domain.

    5. Domain administration–not sure what this is for, but it says it will take me to an external site and I have to set a new password.???

    6. Last option is “Manage your domains”–this takes me to an external site and requires me to log in. My WordPress login username and password does not work here.

    The best idea I have at this time is to try the domain administration and setting a new password which might let me then log in to that external page, which might be the one that would let me renew my domain mapping???

    I’ll wait to hear your thoughts though. THANK YOU!!


    Let me modlook this thread in hopes staff will see it and reply to you. They are monitoring the modlooked threads and typically respond in an hour or so.


    cool, thanks!! :)


    You’re welcome.


    nothin’ yet?


    oh, and I did try that last idea I had with domain administration…it didn’t work. i’m out of ideas :(

    i can’t seem to update the site or edit any pages…the domain mapping thing appears to be blocking me from doing anything. any ideas you have are welcome :)



    @rememberthepoor I’m so sorry to have taken so long to get back to you; we were all travelling last night.

    To renew your domain mapping for you need to click on the ‘renew’ link I’ve highlighted here:

    That’s the Upgrades > Domains page in your dashboard.


    Still not sure that I have renewed. How can you be sure you have renewed? I know they haven’t taken anything from my paypal.



    Well, how about giving us a link to the blog in question: one to the old URL and one to the new URL. Then we can check it out. Without those, we have no idea how to help you.

    Also, what steps have you taken to renew?

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