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Help! Need to verify DNS for use of Office 365 ASAP. WordPress not responding.

  1. Greetings!

    I need to verify ownership of for use with Office 365.

    At my DNS hosting provider, please create a TXT or MX record for my domain using the following information:

    To create a TXT record:
    Alias or host name Destination or points to address TTL MS=ms67006135 1 Hour

    To create an MX record:
    Alias or host name Destination or points to address TTL ms67006135.msv1.invalid 1 Hour

    Please let me know when you've created the record. Office 365 will use it to verify that I own the domain.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Everyone who posts here expects answers ASAP. here are pages of threads posted by bloggers who posted before your did. Please wait patiently for us to work our way forward to this thread and help you after we help those who posted first.

  3. Yes, thank you, timethief. I guess the ASAP is obvious. Never heard back from WP about same topic posted over a week ago. Feeling helpless. Eagerly awaiting a resolution so I can link Office 360 to my new CRM. Thank you!

  4. Your other posting was overlooked, sorry, sometimes that happens, I went back and also flagged that one for you - so you are at the top of the heap - but please don't post in the other thread or you will loose your place in line

  5. @auxclass
    I'm so glad you caught that.

    I'm so sorry your thread fell through the cracks. :(

  6. thank you : )

  7. You be welcome

  8. Sorry for the delay. I see you've already added the MX record at . Is everything working for you now?

    Looking forward to your reply.

  9. I'm not really sure. I generated a DNS on the link that you sent. But I'm concerned that it's just for GoogleApps. I need this record to link to Outlook not google. Not sure if I messed something up. Outlook hasn't recognized the record yet (they say it may take 72 hours). Does this MX record look right to you for Outlook compatibility? Thank you

    CNAME googleffffff12345
    TXT v=spf1 ~all

  10. @kardotim
    Now I see what I've done. You sent me the link to the MX record (I don't know who generated this-- it wasn't me!) Then, on that page I generated a DNS record for Google Apps by accident and "Saved." So it canceled out the previous one. Yikes. How do I go back to the original MX record you sent me? Sorry, I am completely ignorant of these things and doing my best : /

  11. Howdy,

    On the same page you were at— —you can add it there.

    I went ahead and added it for you. It can take a short bit of time for the change to be effective throughout the Internet, but it should verify for you with Office 365 now.


  12. thanks sooooo much y'all!

  13. Help!!!
    Ever since this verification we have not been receiving emails through our outlook account. This is day four and we are desperate!!!

  14. Tagged for a Staff follow-up.

  15. thank you!!!!

  16. Hi,

    Your domain is set to use the MX records that you included originally. If you aren't receiving e-mails, then there are additional/different records that need to be set that need to be provided by Office 365.

    Looking through Office 365 documentation, this link appears to provide information on where to find the records that are needed:

    You can provide them to me or add them via your Store->Domains link at


  17. Looking into it now..thank you!!

  18. this is what they need to know on the Office 365 end:


    I'm using Office 365 for email and I want to make sure that the website that you host for me continues to work and people can still get to it after I change my DNS name server records for Office 365. Please let me know the IP address for my website. If the IP address isn't static, please let me know the fully qualified domain name where the website is hosted instead. I will use the info to create the necessary DNS records in Office 365 to point to my site."

  19. Ideally, you will keep the DNS nameservers pointed to and add the MX records and other DNS records needed for e-mail.

    At, there isn't one IP address for your site. We have your site on servers at datacenters across the country to ensure maximum uptime and quickest site load possible. We change these as needed when bringing on new datacenters/servers and changing other things internally.

    I'll e-mail you the IP addresses to add currently, though, please note that they will change in time and could result in suboptimal performance, or even your site not working at all.

    I strongly suggest having the MX records set on to avoid this.

    Other users have had DNS records provided to them from Office 365 in a format like, with the XXX and ### being unique values to your account:

    CNAME autodiscover MX 0 TXT <MS=ms#######> TXT v=spf1 ~all CNAME lyncdiscover CNAME sip SRV _sip._tls 100 1 443 SRV _sipfederationtls._tcp 100 1 5061


  20. Okay so Office 365 only gives space for one IP address.
    So how do we set our MX records on WordPress? Office is not responding to us so I'm not sure how we will get our DNS records from them.

  21. Is adding the MX records one avenue to resolve to our email issue? To finish setting up office 365 we still need either an IP address or a fully qualified domain name. Will one of the IP addresses you sent us suffice?

  22. Setting the MX record on will resolve the e-mail issue. The IP Address or FQDN for Office 365, honestly, isn't probably needed at all if you keep your nameservers set to If they do still require one, as far our side, it should work.


  23. great, I will work on setting the MX records.
    thanks for all of your patient help!!

  24. Anytime! I'm logging off for the evening, but will check in after the first sip of coffee in the morning. :-)

  25. On the Office 365 troubleshooting page of my account it says
    The name server records are not correct
    Name server 1 currently points to: should point to:
    Name server 2 currently points to:
    Is this what needs to be changed on the domains page?
    I followed the prompts to find the DNS records in my Office 365 account and I am hesitant to enter these into the domains text box as I don't know the correct format. My DNS records look like this:

    MX 0 @ 1 Hour
    CNAME - autodiscover 1 Hour
    CNAME - 1 Hour
    CNAME - 1 Hour
    CNAME 1 Hour
    TXT @ v=spf1 -all 1 Hour
    SRV _sipfederationtls _tcp 5061 1 100 1 Hour
    SRV _sip _tls 443 1 100 1 Hour
    which needs to be entered?

  26. I added all but the last two (SRV) records, but will take care of those tomorrow. E-mail should begin to work within an hour or so.


  27. Woah. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  28. No problem! I added the last two records, so your DNS here at matches what Office 365 wants.

    Thanks for your patience. While everyone tries to make this as easy as possible, the technical reality of networking and domain systems makes it a pain sometimes :-)

  29. When trying to send myself an email at [email redacted] i get a delivery notification saying "The email address you entered couldn't be found." Yikes : (

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