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help need with domain mapping

  1. My WP site is
    I registered my preferred domain name at ONLY Domains and pointed the name server to
    I then paid the $13.00 and, as that was acepted, I assumed the name server change had taken effect.
    Now when you click on, you end up on Only Domans, the registrar site.
    I can't get back into admin and am desperate as I go to a trade show on MOnday. Can you help?
    Blog url:

  2. These are the instructions for mapping an existing domain

  3. Thanks Time Thief. To the best of my knowledge I have followed them to the letter. I don't wish to steal your precious time.
    When I paid my $13.00 there was an implication that the name transfer had occurred - otherwise how could access and assign the domain ( to my account?
    But as I dug deeper into the records of the original Domain registrar, I discovered that the transfer is still pending. So perhaps I need to practice more patience??

  4. I see this when I click the link:
    Only Domains - Domain Parked with Only Domains

  5. so do I. i registered the domain with the and later pointed their servers to hostgator where i have a hosting account.

  6. Sorry I made a mistake - I pointed the server to where I have built a wordpress site: I wanted to keep the site on but hae the other domain name point to it.

  7. Your name servers are not yet pointed to us.

    Per the guide at they need to be set to:

  8. Thanks MacManx - but I've done this already.

  9. I'm getting a declined status message every time I enter the WP server information and no one is answering my queries at Only Domains

  10. Ok, we won't be able to fix the problem on your domain registrar's end. Hopefully they'll reply to you by Monday.

  11. Thanks again - have a good weekend.

  12. You're welcome!

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