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  1. I forgot my password for my second account id: ingafitness ( hosted on and the email I associated with the account is not activated yet. Can you help!?

    Blog url:

  2. You will need Staff help. In order to help you get access to your blog Staff need one of the following things in order to correctly identify you as the blog owner:

    1. an email from the email address associated with the account or revealing what that associated email address was

    2. the API key for your account. This was included in your welcome email with a note to keep it safe. Please do not post the API key here.

    3. if you have purchased any upgrades for the blog a transaction number

    This thread has been flagged for Staff attention.

  3. The only thing I have is the email itself [email redacted]. Otherwise, 1,2, or 3 is not available because the email was not activated yet.

    Do you think the name is sufficient?


  4. Hi again,
    I'm sure Staff will be able to help you. Please be patient while waiting.

  5. In order to gain access to your blog you will need to either send us an email from the email associated with the account (to [email redacted]) or send us your API key for that account.

    If the email address on the account is not activated, it sounds like you'll need to do that first.

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