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    I created this site:
    Now I want to know if I submit content then how it will generate me money? will I have to use any option like Google adsense or some thing like that?
    And if I will have to use option like that, how I can do that.

    The blog I need help with is



    Well, no.

    You can’t use ads; blogger initiated ads are banned at If your posts are so good people will pay you for consulting, then go you! That’s allowed.

    If you simply want to be paid for your writing, your writing needs to be better. /brutalfact


    Well, I want to know, then how I will make money by writing lots of articles and submitting in wordpress?
    I have seen lots of people to do that.
    And also heard when someone one visit the site to read the blog, some part of the money paid to the owner of the blog.



    That’s not allowed at; it will get your blog suspended.

    If you want to take lessons from me in how to become a pro blogger, that’s fine. We can do that. But it will cost you $400 for ten lessons.


    By taking that lesson, how much I will be able to make per month if I post 200-300 articles per month?



    I don’t believe you can write 200-300 good articles per month. Why do you think you can?


    Well, because I used to work in as a writer.
    And at present got 2-3 writers with me.



    Well, given your English, I can’t imagine anyone would pay to read it or advertise on it. You’re saying that a team of three can write 300 original, link-baiting articles a month. I’m just not seeing that. Not if this is your level of fluency.

    If you want an advertising-based model, you need to pay for independent hosting and move your blog off

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