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HELP needed for importing blog from New Blogger to WordPress

  1. Just for reference, I've gone ahead and removed the link to the wiki as those instructions are for the other version of WordPress as well as the older version of Blogger.

    Elizabeth links to the correct article about the importer. It should work fine and can be found at Dashboard -> Manage -> Import -> Blogger. :)

  2. This guy has write a plugin to import from new blogger to wordpress....maybe you can have a look on it

    [Deleted link so not to confuse folks - drmike]

  3. We can't do plugins here as we're running the hosted, multiuser version of workpress, not the regular single blog version that you can get from They're a security risk. We also have a built in blogger importer. Please see a couple posts up for the link to the announcement.

  4. Anything new on this front?

  5. Yes, the new importer is up and running. Do a search of the forums and/or the FAQ to find the instructions. It's been around for a couple of weeks I think.

  6. I am desperate to move over to WordPress too. My Blog was labeled a "Spam Blog" by the Blogger, "This blog has been locked by Blogger's spam-prevention robots. You will not be able to publish your posts". They don't use a human to check the site before locking you out. I'm so frustrated and angry at their arrogances, so I'm moving to I've signed up an account, I sent to "Manage"-> "Import", and clicked Authorize. At blogger's side, I clicked "Grant Access", and then when it went back to wordpress, it said: "Trouble signing in. We were not able to gain access to your account. Try starting over."

    Does anybody what went wrong? I tried several times and none worked. Please, I'm desperate!!!


  7. There's an issue on Blogger's side. We're getting the same issue with regular wordpress and wordpress multiuser. When you, um, view blogger's output, it's not listing the blogs that you control. I sent in a feedback a couple of hours ago to staff here. Not sure what can be done.

  8. i'm having the same problem. it says it can import my blog from blogger but when i try it says it has trouble and to try again. i tried several times. sigh.

  9. Can anyone tell cremenih what part of the previous post he or she missed?

  10. It only imports 100 or so posts and then craps out for me. Am I doing something wrong?

  11. *sigh* Please read up a couple of posts.

    I'm beginning to think we need 72 pixel font around here.

  12. Google/Blogger changed their code.
    This is causing errors when the import starts and the connection is not allowed.

    Andy found this out and will get in touch with the people at Blogger to see what he needs to do.
    They made this change, not us.

    If you have sent a ticket in about this I will notify you when the importer is fixed.
    If you want me to notify you, send in a support and I'll add you to that list.
    And I'll try and remember to post back here.

    And if you are thinking of starting a blog here, do so - your import will not affect posts you otherwise make.

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