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    I have tried but totally unable to understand computer speak to install the wordpress website for my charity. Is there anyone out there who could talk/walk me through it in slow english, I now need to re-save it as I thought the programme would be out of date and a new version available, but cannot find it anywhere, please, please can someone help me install and open and put my information on , thanking you all in anticipation, and remember,you youngsters out there laughing, you will get older too!



    Hello! It looks like you’re installing WordPress in your own server/host.

    If this is the case, kindly head over to the forums for assistance.

    This forum is for accounts only. (ie) Those who signed up for a blog under and didn’t do the complicated, self-installation stuff. :)



    Playing the age card is not recommended as many of us are indeed silver surfers who do are adept when it comes to computer use. The assumption that the younger set is more advanced is baloney.

    This is your free hosted blog
    On the bottom of your Admin page here Staff have linked to a step by step tutorial



    install the wordpress website for my charity

    To install WordPress.ORG software you need to hire a web host and set up a WordPress.ORG install. Read the differences between free hosted blogs like yours and WordPress.ORG installs here >


    On your second comment of hiring a web host, I have one, it’s 1&1, but cannot find anywhere on there how to install a web, do you have any experience of that please? As want to have the .org option.



    Hello again, kindly go to this forum:

    That forum is for people who have a separate host and want to install WordPress from scratch. You should be able to get the help you need in that forum for everything from installing WordPress, getting a domain, setting up your blog, etc. :)

    Good luck.



    I’m afraid if you want the .org option, then you get to pay someone. That’s the field in which thousands of web designers and consultants are making a living, at $65 an hour and up. If you prefer, you can buy the book WordPress for Dummies, which comes VERY highly recommended by the founder of WordPress, and work your way through it. is easier to use and safer, but is more flexible and customizable. Generally speaking, it’s also more expensive.

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