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Help Needed To Beautify De Po Masthead!

  1. Hi

    As much as I like the De Po Masthead theme, I'd like to use more pages than posts. So would like to:
    - remove 'Archives' and 'RSS Feeds' menu items at the top of the page
    - turn off the comments - so that you don't see 'Comments are closed'

    I have just purchased the CSS upgrade and am itching to get to play with it.

    Any ideas? Plus any tips as to what other people have done to this theme?


  2. (I moved this into the CSS Customisation forum where you're more likely to get help)

  3. You can't remove the comments notice as far as I know without causing all kinds of other problems; on some themes you can't do it at all, and on some making it invisible also wipes out the date and author of the post.

    That particular theme does not strike me as one well adapted to redesign, since it's based on newspapers. It's not very graphically oriented.

  4. You can remove the Archives and RSS feed widgets under Design - Widgets. You don't need CSS for that.

  5. Thanks, Raincoaster. May have to consider a new theme

    Thanks, Ros: But I tried adding new widgets - and Archives and RSS (the defaults) still appeared. But I will try again.

  6. No, you're right. I didn't realise that theme has them coded separately as pages, so just removing the widgets doesn't work.

  7. I just checked the CSS and I can't see any way of removing the Archives/RSS pages without removing the pages menu altogether. Sorry.

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