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Help needed with hiding banner text

  1. Hi. I'm setting up another blog using the Tarski layout.
    It's going to be a sort of guide book and so i've put all the info on different pages, and have a column down the side showing all the pages, which looks fine.
    Trouble is, all the pag titles are also appearing across the top below the banner, which looks dreadful.
    Is there a way to stop this bit from showing the pages?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. indiahomeschool

    You can put all pages under one parent page. Then they might not show up !

  3. somethingsthat

    Thanks - I'll give it a try.

  4. somethingsthat

    It helps a bit but it's not ideal.
    Anyone else have any ideas?

  5. Do you have a link to the site that you are having trouble with that helpers can look at, beginning with http?

  6. somethingsthat

    sorry - it's all hidden at the moment while i'm working on it, bit if you click on my somethingsthat site name (left), the bar I'm having problems with is the equivalent of the one at the top above my banner starting with 'Home, ...'

  7. @somethingsthat
    Which theme are you referring to. There are only some that we have the ability to "hide" text on. You can go here > Appearance > Themes > Header and look for a hide text feature. If you are referring to PressRow it does not have this feature. Also note that removing the Blog Title and tagline here > SDashboard > Settings > General is NOT recommended. Search bots need the URL to index your blog, so if you want your blog appearing in SERPS (search engine page results) then don't remove them.

  8. @somethingsthat

    If you can switch themes, check this list of themes with no header tabs:

    Or you could try some of the recently added themes which support custom menus, or filter the themes available for "custom menu"

    Or something along the lines of this:
    (of course you'd have to play around with the numbers in the html to cover your tabs—different theme)

  9. somethingsthat

    Thanks both for the info.
    It's the Tarski theme that i'm trying to use but I guess I'll just have to pick another theme.

  10. You're welcome. :)

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