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    Hi, I’ve read through various forum and support posts on this and I’m just getting more confused, so hoping I can ask some questions here.

    1. If I link to one of my own posts, should that automatically turn up as a pingback in the comments section of the post that is linked to? Or do I have to do something specific to make that happen?

    2. In my Settings I had “Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article (slows down posting.)” disabled. I’ve now enabled this. Was this stopping self links as in Q1? Will enabling it work on old posts?

    3. Is it true that I never have to do anything to pingback to other WordPress blogs (assuming they have enabled it at their end), or does it depend if they are .com or .org wordpress?

    4. For non-Wordpress blogs, can I trackback/pingback if the blog as no trackback/pingback URL on the post page? How?

    5. What is a ‘legacy blog’?

    I probably have some other questions but will wait ’til I’ve sorted the first lot.


    The blog I need help with is



    1) yes, if you’ve enabled pingbacks; see your Settings->Discussion settings.
    2) yes, it was. It doesn’t work retroactively as far as I’m aware.
    3) yes, it’s true although it really doesn’t hurt to click through the links you put in your posts. I ALWAYS do this; not only does it seem to encourage the search engines to find the link, it shows you immediately if you’ve formatted it incorrectly.
    4) you should be able to use the Permalink in any form, but many blogs have the pingback disabled because spammers use it frequently to draw people to their blogs
    5) no idea.



    Thanks raincoaster,

    3. I have search engines blocked currently. Are pingbacks/trackbacks dependant on search engine access?

    4. What is a Permalink and what are the different forms? Do I use the URL of the post? I thought it needed something extra in it.

    5. ‘Legacy blog’ is the term WP uses when explaining trackbacks in the Suport page. I don’t know what it means either (those pages are a bit obtuse to be honest).



    As far as I know, there’s no point using Pingbacks/Trackbacks if you’re not also enabling search engines, but I’m not sure if they’re dependent or not.

    There is only one form of most permalinks here at; it’s nothing more than the link to the post, usually displayed in the title bar. Facebook, for example, can have many, many different permalinks that go to the same page. In WordPress, it’s usually only one.



    Ok, but permalinks aren’t the same as trackback links, are they? Are you saying that the permalink on non-WP blogs IS the trackback link?

    I managed to get a pingback to work retrospectively by editing the post, updating, and then putting the link in again. It took a while to show up in the other post.



    “Legacy blog” in that context means a blog running old software that was made prior to the invention of pingbacks. Trackbacks are old-fashioned, in other words.

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