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Help - new "Forever" theme - customizing

  1. Hey :) before I upgrade to the annual package - does anyone know if I would be able to get rid of the huge text box in the middle of the forever theme? It's supposed to be reserved for the Tagline - but I don't need it - any direction would be helpful, I am new to this

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Certainly. Here's some CSS that will do that:

    #featured-content + #description, #feature-slider + #description {
      display: none;

    Note that just leaving the tagline empty on the main settings page may also do the trick for you. However, the spacing might not be ideal, depends on how you like the spacing.

  3. Wow thanks! I was wondering this as well. Unfortunately leaving it blanks doesn't work. don't know much about the CSS stuff - will have to look around to see if I could get your suggests to make sense. Thanks again.

  4. Yeah, whether or not leaving the tagline blank will work depends on how the theme is setup to handle the tagline. Worth a shot, but CSS is probably better most of the time. :) It gives you much more control.

  5. Hey! Do you know how to change fonts in the "Forever" them? I'm having a tough time and getting frustrated!

  6. Well, first, there is a built in fonts page at Appearance → Custom Design → Fonts that includes 50+ Typekit fonts and you can use those for the site title, headings and body text. Is that how you are trying to change fonts? If not, what exactly have you tried already?

  7. I didn't do the custom design because I didn't want to pay... haha I know, I am cheap. I tried something like this: <span style=”font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:x-large;”> but still had no luck.
    Thanks for responding!

  8. Ah, I wouldn't recommend doing that. It's not supported and even if it works right now, it may not later. You should purchase the custom design upgrade if you would like to use custom CSS.

  9. Where do i put the CSS code you gave me? Thanks for the info!

  10. Ok - I also was reading the CSS tutorial and I am a bit confused. Any help would be appreciated :)

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