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  1. Hi, where do I start... I created a site a number of weeks ago now, since deciding to go ahead and use wordpress for good I then signed up to blue host to then host my domain and then this is where my problems started...
    What I then wanted to do was use the site i created but to use this under my bluehost domain name which is I've no idea on how to do this... So I e-mail support asking them to help, I waited 7 days no response. I emailed them again, nothing no reply. Again, begging for help or some assistance, no help. I'm guessing now there not interested in this level of support!?

    I contacted Bluehost and they say I need to ask for help from WordPress not Bluehost.

    I'm close to closing all accounts and moving to another site builder or blog to use in the future... But I don't want to be defeated. I'm happy with my site but I just want this to bloody open under my domain name.

    Please can someone help correct me on what to do. This really isnt my area of work and would like nothing more than to crack this or get some answers

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This should get you started - you want to map the domain you already own to your WordPress.COM site - $ 12-- a year.

  3. Auxclass, can I just say thankyou, your the first person to help me with this in 4 weeks!

    Is there anyway to avoid this cost, I mean, would I have had to pay this cost anyway no matter how I started my site
    Have I created this site and then created the bluehost account in the correct order...

    At the moment this feels like such a mess, not much has clicked in terms of the order or way I should have created this blog/ site.

    Actually creating was so bloody easy that's why I want to stick with it...

  4. Your is free - if you don't want to use your personal domain that you registered then you have no cost. The $ 12- for the mapping is about the cheapest way to get a custom domain name attached to a blog or web site.

    The Domain Mapping just adds as a way for people to visit your blog - domain mapping lets you use the same Dashboard and all the other features here at WordPress.COM -

  5. Hi I just wondered if anybody else had some other tips I could try or agree if the above advice is the only way I can progress?

    Many thanks

  6. @comern1
    What more do you need in the form of "tips"? There's really nothing more to say or agree or disagree with. You either choose to purchase domain mapping so your readers are seamlessly directed to the domain URLs when they click the original sub-domain URLs or you don't. The decision is yours to make.

  7. timethief I could kiss you on the forehead right now! Thanks for reassuring me! Both you and auxclass have been just the tonic I need. I really don't know what I wouldnt have done with out your assistance. Other than close my account and become beat! I'm off to purchase domain mapping....

    Many thanks!

  8. You're welcome form me and best wishes for happy blogging. :)

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