Help! No Ideas What I am Doing- Hosting my Blog on DreamHost! I

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    Ok folks. I am lost as a fire ant in a wirl wind.

    I want to create website that I can post my articles on and write for myself instead of another site. I also want to be able to add my Amazon Associates links.

    Well, I read around sounded easy and ran on down to the DreamHost store and registered a Domain for the new site and bought a hosting package. I thought I could click a few things add in the content I wanted and build my page right there. WRONG!

    I am so lost. I pretty much have a years worth of hosting and domain that I have no idea what to do with.

    I also have my blog, that I wanted to do the selfhosting for. I registered it through a few months ago. I clicked install domain on Dreamhost and added the domain now. It says it went through. What now? Do I just continue to edit like I normally would on WP and it automatically update. Now that it’s on Dreamhost do I ever need to do anything with it on Dreamhost? Can I add Amazon now that it is on a paid hosted site?

    I thought I read somewhere it had to be but I don’t see how to create a site.

    So sorry to be needed but I do not understand all of this. I read everything I could find and everything said it was ‘so easy, just create a blog and host it. ” or ‘build a website easily.’ Forgive me but is easy. I thought it was going to be where you just add the content you want and hit save using various modules.

    Please help- about ready to give up and realize that I may never be able to understand this!

    The blog I need help with is

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