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Help: Non-Wordpress users..can they still subscribe? :Help

  1. I've started a blog that is starting soon..It will be an online book club.. - Peace, Love & Books

    I am wondering if people without a wordpress account could possibly join?

    Is it impossible, and they'd be forced to get an account or not join my blog?

    Please help, Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well, what do you mean by "join"? Unless you've set it to private, anyone can read it. If you've set it to private, they'll need a account so you can allow them access.

  3. Yes they can subscribe. There's a widget for it- Blog Subscriptions. In it, you'll see there are two options for subscribers- one for WordPress users and one for non-Wordpress users. Perhaps a search for 'Blog Subscriptions' in Support will help.

    Gosh I sound rather listless now, don't I?

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