Help.. Noob question T_T

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    Sorry for the noob question but I’m a bit confused about how wordpress posts the blogs.

    I posted my blog and checked if it will appear under freshly pressed or under the ‘life’ tag. It didn’t. I thought wordpress posts like twitter? So… why did my blog not appear…?

    The blog I need help with is



    Freshly Pressed is kind of like “Best of” and is chosen by one blogger from the 31 million blogs here. Don’t hold your breath to get featured on it.

    There’s also currently a but with the tag pages, so just wait it out till things are fixed.



    Freshly Pressed articles are selected by a single editor from the 31 million blogs hosted here. Using that tag will not work.


    oh.. i accidentally reblogged my post and commented and liked on it while i was experimenting. And I was clicking on so many buttons while checking experimenting the whole process. I hope i haven’t violated anything T_T i’m just new and i was just wondering how it all worked T_T



    I suggest you use the tutorial Staff have prepared


    great! :) there are so many stuff to click here… i didn’t notice that one :) Makes everything way easier :D tnx for the link :)

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