Help on Someone Duplicating my Content

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    Hi, i’m new to, i’m liking it here but i have a big problem at the moment.

    This site or person is pasting my whole blog posts on their site without my permission, they haven’t even asked me. They simply paste my whole posts and think they can get away with it just by sourcing my website name hiding it away in the corner. They do this for many other peoples posts too.

    I do not want anyone to paste my whole/full posts on their page (i consider this stealing), the least they could do is post a paragraph or snippet of my post they used for their site then link back to it instead of claiming all my work to boost their position and adding a few bold bits to it, copying it knowing damn well its rude to steal without asking me about re-using my work. If someone can read my blog over at their site why would they want to read my blog? get me?

    Below is 1 of 3 pages they have taken my work is listed below> (as example)

    The issue is not about re-blogging, as with past re-blogging people have let me know, gave me credit, linked back to my work and only pasted snippets of my work which generates people interested in my original post. This is different though, they are duplicating it for their own reasons. I have no idea how copyright or anything works.

    If you could give me some kind of direction in this matter i would appreciate it greatly,
    Thanks for your help, Jay

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    That site ( is not a free hosted blog and we can’t help you here with your issue. It is a WordPress.og self hosted install. and on the bottom corner of th site they have a contact link to [(email redacted)]
    If attempts to contact the site’s owner fail, your next step is to contact the site’s host. You will need to utilize some look-up tools in order to ascertain this information. Here are some resources:
    Finding the host:
    Finding the host’s DMCA/abuse contact information:



    Thanks Timethief for taking the time to get back, i will see if they reply to my email but if they do not reply i will use the tips you have included here to get the message home to them.

    I have mailed them to let them know i do not want my work on their site and i do not allow it. I have been stern in my email but patient about it too.

    I appreciate your work and fast replies, thank you.



    It’s a news aggregator site which probably means a scraper site that sucks up posts from RSS Feeds (Tip: my RSS Feed is set to “summary” here Settings > Reading).

    I am not patient with any content thief. Theft is defined the same way in every culture in this world. I demand to have my strolen content removed from this site forthwith is my kind of lanauage (I’m a paralegal).



    P.S. I’m sorry about the typos. I’m having a bad vision day. :(

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