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Help on Stolen content?

  1. This what someone wrote on my blog what is it?
    baseball » Blog Archive » Newspaper | | IP:

    [...] Lux1200 wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptNext There is abit about a new book which Club Penguin want to add to the book room and are asking for entrants in next Thursdays Paper, next a Public annoucement from Rookie from PSA about the clock tower and Herbert the polar bear and … [...]

  2. They stole it and put it on their site.
    You can try and complain to freehostia but it's almost certainly a waste of time - that place has a lot of sploggers.

  3. spam it.

  4. Okay! :-)
    Plus I marked as spam!

  5. Nevermind I contacted Freehostia and they shut down the blog!

    Thanks For The Tips and Replying!

  6. the site immdiately got shut down?

  7. Wow that's very quick of the hosting company to shut the website down!? The entire site though or did they just remove what they stole from you?

  8. actualyl I just had a look at the site form the link provided above

    "Your site has been suspended"

    Good on the hosting company!

  9. I know, ah well that site deserved it!

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