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HELP: Period Mark on my home page for no reason?

  1. Hi all,

    My website has not been published yet but I have a question regarding my site.

    For some reason, on my home page, there is a random, what looks to be bolded period mark on the bottom left of my screen. It follows when I scroll up and down. I have inspected so many parts of the home page and cannot find out how it got there. I am trying to remove it.

    Because you can't see my site directly, I uploaded a photo of what it looks like onto Imgur. (Photo here: )

    I would greatly appreciate any help if anyone has an idea as to what this is.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey there, it looks like your site is hosted on HostGator. WordPress comes in 2 flavors: the fully hosted WordPressdotcom (where we are ) and the open source WP (org) project at This support guide explains some of the differences between them:

    You can find all the support information for sites using the WP (org) software at and at If you don't have a username on the ORG forums, you can register one on that page.

    Best wishes for a quick resolution.

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