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    I have two accounts the above and a blog called mouseinthewoods
    Found here

    I thought I had lost access to this blog so started again it seems I was hacks and the blog is hosting information that is causing distress I need to close it immediately , the police have asked me to contact you for help .
    I wish to keep my current blog which I have logged in with but need the mentioned one closed immediately
    Please help

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there. If you have lost access to your other account you can try and regain access by resetting your password and if that doesn’t work, by filling out the Account Recovery form. Staff will then contact you via email to help you sort it out. More information here:


    Who ever hacked my account changed all the info such as email and phone number so I can not reset the password



    Then the account recovery form is your only option. Just scroll down in the same support doc I linked to above.



    Hi there,

    I’m so sorry to hear that. Yes please do as @kokkieh says above and our Account Recovery will work with you there.

    Thank you!

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