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Help please. I removed myself as admin

  1. valeriesantillo

    I was trying to set up a guest user and used my own e-mail to do so. I was able to set the user up and apparently, now, I'm the guest and no longer the admin of my own blog despite the different User Names. I've sent an e-mail to automatic as suggested in a another post but am starting to panic a little as I'm unable to do anything until this issue is resolved. Any help is appreciated. And, yes, I know I was a dumb a$$.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. As you have already contacted Staff by email posting here is counterproductive. Please wait patiently for Staff to respond to you via email.

  3. valeriesantillo

    Thanks for the reply. Trying to be patient....not being able to do what I need to do on my blog makes it urgent for me. Yours in the only acknowledgement to this problem so far.

  4. I understand your frustration. I changed my Admin username to the same username as a Contributor, and now I can't access my Admin account. I tried a 'forgot password' request, and changed the password, but it still logs me into the Contributor account.

    I sent an email to Support, but today is Saturday. I'm assuming we will have to wait all weekend without access.

  5. This thread has also been flagged for staff attention. They do check the forum on a regular basis but we don't know their schedule

  6. valeriesantillo

    @allen. My sympathies. I totally know how you feel. I wish I had clued in that it was tied to e-mail rather than username. Hard lessons suck.

    @auxclass thank you!

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