HELP please, in regards to custom sidebar links.

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    Hey everyone,

    I need some help por favor, in regards to custom links in the sidebar. I want to create a link with feedburner for my blog at

    Would it be possible to take the default WordPress RSS for entries, with feedburner point to that, and use that in a custom sidebar widget to create a custom RSS subscribe link using the standard RSS subscribe image?

    If so, the problem I have is I am trying to avoid using the bookmarks since from my understanding they only work on mozilla and netscape.

    Is there a way to work around that without having to setup my own host for wordpress?

    Thank you.



    OK, I’m a bit lost here. You mention a link to feedbruner, an rss to feedburner, and a subscribe link to feedburner.

    What specificly are you trying to do here? :)



    Oh man, I just looked at my post, ok, lol, basically, feedburner for my wordpress blog inplemented in the sidebar.



    OK, that’s easy. After you login into Feedburner, the very first screen you’ll get contains a “Burn a feed right this instant” form. Stick your URL in there and go through all of their pages. (I don’t worry about click thrus and getting their paid options and all that but it’s up to you.) Along the way, it will tell you what the URL will be for their feed for your blog. You can use that and just add it in as a link on your sidebar or as a BookMark on your Dashboard.

    – or if you want to get fancy:

    You’ll eventually get to a page where you’ll have a number of tabs along the top. (ie Analyze, Optimize, etc.) Click on the Publicize tab. You’ll see along the left hand side a number of options. One of those is called a “Chicklet Chooser.” Click on that and you’ll see a number of feed services that Feedburner works with. If you clikc thru them, you’ll note that the HTML window changes at the bottom of the page. You can copy and paste that into a text widget if you want as well.

    Hope this helps,



    Excellent, thank you.

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