Help please: someone has my domain & claims to be me

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    Hello, grateful for any help with this serious problem.

    I got none of the usual reminders from WordPress that my domain name ( would expire in mid-December. As soon as I discovered it had expired, I contacted support, but got no response, and lost the domain name (more details below). Somebody is now using it and claiming to be me: they are using my photo and biography on the page, and posting content purporting to be me.

    How do I stop this? (The domain is registered with GoDaddy but protected by privacy)
    Is this libel? Identity theft?

    My main concern is the impersonation (tho’ losing the domain, and now having all those broken links are a headache).

    Many thanks for any suggestions on how to proceed, or what to do.

    Background: I never received the usual e-mail reminders from WordPress to renew the domain (lesson learned: don’t rely on someone to remind you). When I discovered the domain had expired, I contacted WordPress several times using the specific “contact us” button associated with the expired domain on my dashboard — but got no response for over a week, by which time it was too late.

    I’ve since had several exchanges with a “happiness engineer”, but to no avail.

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you contacted if that is who you registered your domain name with, they are who you wish to speak with.


    I would say contact godaddy.



    Impersonation is illegal in most countries, and so what you need to do is find that person’s web host and email them with proof this person is impersonating you. If they don’t respond, your options are to contact the police or contact a lawyer. It’s almost certain you won’t need to go to court, though; just ignore the blogger and talk directly to the web host, who will probably take the site down.

    It MAY be defamation or fraud as well, depending on what they put on the blog. A lawyer can help you clarify that.



    Thank you very much for the help and suggestions.
    I’ve now asked for legal advice from my union, and will write to GoDaddy.

    Thank you.

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