Help please with Gallery driving me up the wall!

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    For the last hour I’ve been attempting to reduce the size of some of the pics in my gallery as some of them are bigger than they need to be.

    I do have a great deal of patience with PCs but unusually have just been reduced to swearing and feeling as if I could throw the laptop and smash it to bits.

    The new gallery feature is so much better, and seemed to work beautifully, that is until I have tried to save it or get out of the individual edit mode and back to the gallery pictures so I could pick out another one to edit.

    There are 250 pictures so I need to edit them in a not too longwinded way. In some cases I want to crop them as well but after an image has been cropped it has proved impossible to save the result and also to get out of the edit mode. There is an update button and a save button but neither of them permanently save the result of the crop which just goes back to what it was as soon as I hit the button. Anyway I can’t get out of the blasted edit mode as there is no apparent way out, that is whether I crop the image or not.

    I’d be very grateful if anyone could help with this.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    IMHO justjennfer’s site here is an excellent gallery resource



    I size all my images offline and then upload them. So I apologize in advance if this does not help



    As far as I can work out, the gallery edit seems to work perfectly but actually does not.

    It seems there are FIVE save buttons, one on the top left for a crop, one underneath the picture, one to scale the image, one save button on the right and one update button underneath it.

    How the heck is one supposed to know which one to hit when?

    At any rate eventually I worked out how to crop the image and save it most times, but found it impossible to get out of the gallery. That still is the case.

    Also can’t understand why or how it opens up other windows?

    I have read the instructions carefully but they don’t help.

    They certainly do not give a clue as to how to get out of the image edit and back to the gallery to find another image to resize.

    I hope someone can answer this as it really isn’t fair to put people through this kind of stress inducing experience. I already suffer from a stress condition and this really is driving me up the wall.

    It’s a wonderful feature, and looks amazing and seems to work really well, so much better than it was before.

    I just want to know how to get OUT of the individual picture and back to the gallery where I can select another one.

    I wouldn’t bother and would just bodge thru hoping they are going to fix the bugs eventually but I have 1100 pictures that I need to put into a gallery and while I will edit most of them before they go up, it would be very useful to have this feature working properly.




    I’ve finally worked out that when one edits an image it opens a new window and when done you just close the window to get back to the gallery. That’s fine.

    If it wasn’t for having new windows open up in new tabs and having had quite a few windows open anyway, while focusing on the images I would have worked it out before.

    There are bound to be people who take a while to work that one out, so why not SAY a new window will open and you need to close it when done to get back to the gallery.

    It’s a brilliant feature, which works really well, just spoilt by a simple omission or two to make it more user-friendly.



    Blogs aren’t designed for image editing: use an image editing application.



    The in-dashboard image editing feature is less than user-friendly, so as tt and justpi have already suggested, edit before you upload.

    As that doesn’t help you with those images you’ve already uploaded, if you’ve chosen to edit from the in-post Gallery screen, make sure you hit the “refresh/update image” link in that Gallery screen once you’ve finished editing.

    From my FAQ that tt linked to above:

    Is it possible to edit the images in my Gallery? has added some advanced image-display features which allow you to edit the display properties of individual images directly in the Post Editor. However, Gallery images can be edited only in the Media Library, either through the “Edit Image” link which appears in the right sidebar of the Gallery screen of the Media Manager when you have highlighted an image or directly in the Media Library. If you make changes to an image from the Gallery screen of the Media Manager, click the Refresh link to update your image.

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