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help please with header stuff, i'm in way over my head

  1. hey guys, i should let you know i have no clue what the hell i'm doing. but my blog right now looks like this:

    and i want the top to look like this, without changing anything else:

    what should i do? i've tried that kubrickr thing but it crops that picture, and i'm not sure i want to buy the css editor yet if it won't let me do what i want, plus i have absolutely no experience with css.

  2. First of all you need to pick a theme that allows you to use a custom header

    Dusk isn't one of them.

    After you change your theme to one that supports a Custom header, there's a place under Presentation in the dashboard where you can upload your custom header. Be warned that it has to be the size mentioned on that FAQ page.

  3. Oooh! And those helpful guys at have included a template for each of the customized headers. You guys rock!

  4. thanks justjennifer and timethief, i appreciate it. *RESOLVED*

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