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    Hi all and happy holiday season:

    I am sorry this question will be so stupid but I must ask it anyway.

    I have a website and a new book on the rock band the Jefferson Airplane. When I have a new Blog entry what do I do please to make sure the entry is seen in the proper places such as Music, Books, etc? Can somebody walk me through the steps please as if this is my first post ever after setting up the profile.

    Sorry to bother anyone.

    Please don’t laugh to hard.

    All the best,
    Craig Wanting To Promote New Book!


    when you’re writing the post, on the right hand side there’s a box called ‘categories’. click the plus sign to expand it.
    just type the tag you want, and click ‘add’. add all the categories you want.


    Hi Sunburnkam:

    Thanks for reply but the actions you suggested are not available for me.

    Here is exactly the way it is when I post. On the right side there is a box Categories” but you can’t do anything with it but either click the choice of Blogroll or Uncategorized. There is nothing that lets me add books, music, etc which are needed.

    If you or anybody could please talk me through this it is appreciated. A lot is at stake with the book.

    Thank you,
    Craig The Airplaneman



    It is the categories that you assign to any new post you create that result in tags which can be used for retrieval purposes. You can add category/tags here -> Dashboard -> Manage -> Categories -> Categories (add new). Be sure to click “add category” when you are done to save your changes.
    The categories you add using the method above will always be available in the category check box area sunburntkamel pointed you to when you write a new post . That is when you assign categories and if you need to add one “on the fly” then his instructions have already covered that. You type the category tag into the box and click “add”.
    You can also edit any posts you have previously published and neglected to add categories to originally. This is done here -> Dashboard -> Manage (select the post click edit, add categories and publish).


    Thank you!!

    Have a great holidasy season,



    You’re welcome and may your holiday season be merry and bright. :)

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