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    Member is my blog, not the one attached to my posting name here.

    In p2 theme, my two most recent posts are alternating where the text goes all light grey. When I posted them they were in basically black like I wanted, but then I’d go to the blog today, and one of them was light grey and hard to read. So I’d go to edit the post, and nothing is wrong or specifying grey in the HTML, so I re-update the post, and then it goes back to normal. So then my blog is normal, but I come back to it a few minutes later, and it seems fixing the one blog makes the other one go all light grey. The blog is live and Im sure its turning off readers unfortunately. How do I fix this? What’s wrong? Thank you. And yes I always post from the dashboard in p2, not the front page. Everything was done by the book and mostly written in the HTML view and coded from scratch and double and triple-checked. It was working fine until this happened. I wonder if someone found a way to hack the blog or something as I got a few trolls a couple days ago and this first seemed to happen after that initially. Or it could just be p2.

    The blog I need help with is


    The whole post is a blockquote. Open the post in the editor, switch to the HTML tab and remove the opening and closing blockquote tags and save.


    I also noticed that it appears as if there are no “p” tags around anything. Did you intend it to be one very long paragraph?



    No i dont use p tags. I just leave a line of space and the posts always show up as paragraphs. Not indented but internet paragraphs.

    Like this.

    Or this.

    I haven’t needed to use p tags to do this. Is there a benefit?

    Also there is no blockquote in the article on the top of my page. I used blockquote in the second post, but the top one is also turning grey. And I closed every blockquote on the second article down after the parts that I wanted to show up in quotes.

    See here’s the first article. Here’s The first couple paragraphs of it including parts that are showing up light grey.

    If you missed part 1 when it was posted, you can check it out here. The Best Signings of the Offseason Part 1

    <span style=”font-size: x-2;”>In this series of articles, I will be taking an in-depth look at what I consider to be the 20 best value free agent signings of the offseason, in no particular order.
    For each signing, I will first detail what makes the signing a good one from a neutral perspective, and then I will discuss why the signing would have benefitted the Sharks (at the same contract terms unless others are discussed). Enjoy!

    <img class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-3070″ title=”Ryan+Shannon” src=”″ alt=”” width=”113″ height=”150″ />RYAN SHANNON – RW/C – TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING
    Age. 28. Height. 5’9″. Weight. 175 lbs. Shoots. Right.
    Contract. 1 year, 0.625M, Tampa Bay Lightning.
    2010-2011 Stats. 79GP, 11G, 27PTS, +3 +/-, 24PIM.

    Ryan Shannon is a versatile forward with good speed and vision, and above average hands. His main weakness is his lack of size, but his quickness helps to make up for that. Last season he put up 11 goals, 27 points, and a +3 +/- rating in limited ice time playing for a poor Senators team. Those would be fair numbers for a third line forward on an average team, yet at .625M Shannan is now making less than most fourth liners, which means the Tampa Bay Lightning should get good value with this signing. He also has the skill set to step into the top 6 if need be, which most third or fourth liners don’t. Shannon is also unique in that at 28 years of age, he is just getting his feet under him in the NHL. This means he still has the potential to improve his game further as he gains more NHL experience, whereas most NHL forwards his age have already found a set role in the league. In short, Shannon is a talented depth forward who should make an excellent utility guy for the Lightning.<!–more Continue Reading Full Post…–>

    No blockquotes there, and that’s copied and pasted directly from the HTML view. I think it’s a problem with the theme or something else because my code was working before, it’s worked for all the other psots, it even worked for these posts. I didnt change anything, but one day they were working, black text, now it’s all grey. Something changed and it wasn’t my code or blockquotes.



    Oops well a lot of the HTML didnt show up as HTML because the forum can read HTML. But trust me there’s no blockquote in the post at all.



    I also see what you mean about the paragraphs thing. No, I dont want it like that, and it wasn’t like that before. You can see my other posts have paragraphs and they don’t use the <p>. This one didnt either and the paragraphs were working fine. Now it’s all one big block of light grey text, it’s all related. It’s part of the problem. Some sort of error has happened that has made the text grey and eliminated all paragraphs. When I look at the post in the editor, the text appears normal black color, and the paragraphs are there as I intended them. It’s only when looking at it on the blog that everything is messed up.


    I’m looking at the markup (view source) and this is what I see as the first part of the line on the latest post (at the top).

    <blockquote>If you missed part 1 when it was posted, you can check it out here.

    Note the opening blockquote tag? There is a closing blockquote tag at the end of that post as well.



    It’s not showing up in my post editor, and I never put that in. All this started out after I posted the one blog that does include blockquotes. P2 theme seems to be taking the blockquote from that post and putting it into your page source and the other blog. I cant see it in the post editor because it’s not there, or rather I didnt put it there, but you’re seeing it because P2 is putting it there. I bet if I delete the post with the blockquote it will fix the problem for the other post. Its not a longterm fix but Im guessing that will work.



    That doesnt seem to do it anyway. I’m going to try putting at the start of the blog to close the hidden

    , but even if that works there’s still the issue of the paragraphs being all messed up. Something else is wrong here.



    close the < blockquote > it should read. close the opening blockquote tag that is hidden.

    Okay well I did that and it changed the post back to normal, then i took it back out and now the post is still normal for now when i look at it. Maybe deleting the blog with the blockquotes in it fixed this after all. The moment I put it in the trash it didnt fix the problem but now a few minutes later the post looks normal for now. Still not sure what the underlying problem is or if this is a permanent fix.


    One thing that will cause issues, is putting a read more tag within other formatting tags such as within a blockquote. What is does is effectively remove the ending blockquote tag from the main page (since it occurs after the read more in the post HTML. Always end any formatting (italics, bold, blockquote) before a more tag and then if need be start it again after the read more.



    Are you saying I did this? I knew about this rule when I wrote the post, and thought I put the more tag outside code. The issue may be that p2 is adding invisible code, like you said how it had a blockquote at the beginning and end of the whole post. I never put that there. I think this must be a bug with P2. Ive put a bandaid on it right now by doing this:

    If p2 is adding a blockquote tag at the beginning of the post, which it seems to be, that means if I add more to the beginning, the blockquote will just get moved back so it’s still at the beginning. So before any of my text in the post, I put the end blockquote tag. So there’s the invisible blockquote tag p2 is adding at the beginning of my post, but then I am immediately closing it by putting in my own tag. That’s how I’ve fixed the problem for now but I would still like to get to the bottom of why P2 is adding invisible code to the post. People told me P2 has its quirks so this may be a bug. But thanks for the help sacredpath, without you telling me there was an invisible blockquote I wouldnt have known even how to bandaid it. Thank you!


    I’m on two sites with P2 (private) and have never had this issue when using blockquotes, and never had P2 add any sort of formatting that was not specifically added. How the blockquote got in there I have no idea, and I have no idea why it did not show up in the editor, but it did show up in the source code.

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