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  1. alessandrociap

    my three latest posts did not appear in the topics. can someone please, please help me find out why?

    i post photographs under the photography category, as well as any other relevant category.

    please, someone help me with this.

    thanks alessandro

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please do a forum search: there are literally dozens of complaints about this right now. The Topic page is broken.

  3. I am having the same issue. I am not able to see any of my posts in the tagged categories.

  4. Just to press the issue...

    We are also left out

    We can only hope someone is doing something about it...

  5. The global tags pages now referred to as Topics have been broken for a long time perhaps due those legions who spam it and who try to game it everyday day in and day out. Staff decided to focus on integrating the topic browsing experience with the Reader and to discontinue the old listings. See here >

    The flow of traffic from the global tags pages to my blogs has never ever been sigificant and at best is negligible. It's Google that sends traffic to blogs. Search spiders are focused on keywords found in content. Tags are not required for SEO purposes and Matt Cutts of Google makes that clear Revisiting Keywords and Tags

  6. If your posts are not appearing in the reader then the very first thing to check is what's stated here > global tags > missing posts

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