HELP! Publish and Edit Buttons Missing

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    Help me please!

    All my PUBLISH, EDIT, and SAVE DRAFT buttons are missing from the top right corner of my post page. This is both with a new post and when I try to edit and existing already published post.

    I did a search and changed the settings to “2 columns” like people suggest, but this hasn’t worked.

    I also have contacted support three times, but no one has responded.

    Surely this is an easy fix? Can anyone help?

    Elisabeth at You Can’t Call It “It”!

    The blog I need help with is



    Perhaps you’ve minimized the menu. If you have only a blue bar that says “Publish”, click on it and see if the drop-down menu appears.



    Yeah, or actually… a Blue ( UPDATE ) Button.


    Thank you both, but no dice. ALL of the buttons that were in the top right hand corner when you write your post are missing.




    Are you using Internet Explorer as your browser? I’m having various other troubles with my dashboard, including non-functional drop-down menus.

    I was able to re-adjust my settings by using Firefox, and then moving back to IE. If you’re not using Firefox, you might give that a try.


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    Scroll down to see if your Publish module has moved to the bottom of your screen.

    Which other modules are you using: Screen Options will appear when you choose it on the upper right.



    Have you tried using another Operating System, or clear Cache procedures?


    I use Safari on Mac.

    I logged into wordpress on a PC using IE and still have the exact same problem, so it’s not a browser issue.


    OMG! I found it. It WAS at the bottom collapsed, but I swear it wasn’t there before!

    How do I get it back to the top right so that I don’t have to keep scrolling down?



    You can go to your Screen Options at the top right and make sure you’re using a two-column layout, then drag that module to the top-right of the page.


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    Hey! So happy to know the mystery is solved! Happy posting…

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