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    I am helping a friend of mine who is a journalists writting on (which now she can not access it anymore to post anything).

    It looks like password has been hijacked and email also changed.In my idea the only way to recover is create a new password via the database, password reset will send mails to the fack email i guess…

    Many thanks, any help will be highly appreciated.

    I am not so sure if this is the right place to post, originall this was posted here, please move it to the right if needed.



    Hi, this is the right forum to post. Note that on it is not possible to reset the password via the database, however it is possible to reset the password, assuming the user has access to the original email, via this link:

    Note that the address was deleted via a name change tool, is it now If your friend is trying to login using the username, they should try logging in using the original email address on the account and the password. If that does not work, they should try the password reset link mentioned above.


    Hello jenia/mrfroasty,

    I have already posted my problem here:

    But still I can’t access my blog even if i log in by using as username still receiving wrong username/password….even if resetting password i can’t get password reset link. So the hacker changed my blog and default email of my blog.

    Any help i would apprecite.



    Closing this thread since it’s a duplicate, please see the response in the original thread here:

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