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Help regarding use of images (urgent)

  1. (Sorry about the re-post. For some reason my real account has all its topics closed upon posting them.)


    I have a personal blog at which I post technology news at. Its somewhat active, but nothing major (almost 9k views since February of this yr). Whenever I make posts, I search Google for a relevant image and useit in that post. I do that for 99% of all my posts. Instead of uploading each image to my blog (which would fill up the 3GB quota fairly quickly), I use the direct img url and just give credit to the site it's from.

    Yes, I know, it's hotlinking which isn't the best thing to do. Seeing as my blog is just a personal blog and I'm not 100% serious about, I don't wish to pay to have extra storage space.

    I'm curious as to what is suggested that I do so I don't get in trouble for hotlinking, etc? Would it be ok if I uploaded the images to a media fire account and used that with credit towards the image owner or something like that? I've put a fair amount of work into typing reviews and posts for my blog and I wouldn't want to see it go to waste over something I could've avoided.

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  3. Any help here?

  4. Anyone?

  5. Macman. You've looked at all these threads and went right past mine...

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    Macmanx is answering threads tagged for staff help, which could be from days ago, he's not going through this current forum page. You have to wait until someone is available who can help you, and that's not me, sorry.

  7. thebirdingbunch

    You know it is not best to hotlink, but if you store the pictures on your computer to upload to WordPress, that is still using someone else's work, unless you get their permission.

    The way you have worded your credits at the bottom of the photos sounds as if they've given you permission. Have they? Most often, they would require you to link to them and I did not see any.

    If I ever want to use another person's photo, I just link to it on my blog and direct my readers there rather than uploading them to my posts. That would be the best thing for you to do, unless you have your own images to us.

  8. What part of the images that Google indexes and appear in search results are almost all under copyright did you miss? Google posts a copyright notice warning on their image search pages and tells you to click into the website and get permission for use if available at all. You are not only hotlinking and stealing bandwith but you are also violating copyright.

  9. So I should pretty much either remove every image or delete my blog? There's got to be a way I can continue blog and use the images without uploading them directly to my blog (which there's not enough space for on a free blog).

    What do you suggest (aside from buying space which I don't want to do for a personal blog)?

  10. I would not be worrying about space. I would worry that I'm in breach of Terms of Service for copyright violations.
    I would worry that those who hold copyright for the images may take legal action against me.

    Don’t assume that if you remove the copyrighted material you will be out of trouble: a lot of people copy images and text around the Internet thinking that in the worst of the cases they will receive a take down notice from the author and remove the material from the website. The removal of the copyrighted material will not remove the copyright infringement at all. Should the author decide to go after you in count you will be in trouble all the same.

    10 Big Myths about copyright explained

    Copyright Basics (from the U.S. Copyright Office)

  11. Overall, don't hotlink images. You can never be guaranteed that someone won't delete the image, or worse yet replace it with a porn image.

    When you hotlink an image, you are stealing the original poster's bandwidth, and bandwidth is money.

    So, upload your own images:

    As for what images you are uploading, make sure that they are either your own, that you own the license to them, or that they are licensed to allow you to use them.

    Here's a great list of royalty-free image sources:

  12. I think I'll just close the blog. I really only meant for it to be a personal blog and I don't want it to turn I to anything.

  13. The issue is I don't have my own images and it'd be too much work to go around to every site to ask for permission. It'd take forever because there are so many sites I would use. The 3GB of space just isn't enough for the images I'd use over time and I don't have every phone or tablet (which is what my blog is about essentially) to get my own pictures.

  14. Then just delete the images if you find yourself unable to bear complying with the law.

  15. Just gotta save all my own text first.

  16. I guess but it would be a very plain blog

  17. So what if I got permission from sites?

  18. Then you could post the images I suppose.

    Just make sure that you're uploading, not hotlinking.

  19. If you have permission to use images then you follow the terms of use the copyright holder has for the images and you post them on your blog.

  20. So all I do is say email the website, say "can I use images from your site?" and if they say "Ok" then I'm good. Or is it more complicated then that?

  21. If I were to get permission from a site, could I upload an image to, say, a mediafire account and get a direct link from it that way to avoid uploading to the blog itself?

  22. Yes you can upload images into a photobucket or flickr account or another third party media host. Why would you bother with doing that. The amount of space we have for uploads is HUGE. I have been here over 6 years and have only used diddly squat of mine.

    You are currently using 84.3 MB out of 3.0 GB upload limit (3%).

  23. You could, but Mediafire links eventually expire.

    Try just uploading here first. With just images, it'll take you quite a long time to fill up 3 GB (which is 3,072 MB by the way).

  24. Let's look forward to when I run out of space for images. Being that I would be purchasing extra space, what would you suggest?

  25. Well, you could purchase extra space, or start uploading them elsewhere, but it will probably take a few years for that to happen at the rate you're using images.

  26. Sorry, meant not* purchasing extra space as I said in my OP.

  27. You're really worrying about nothing. I've been here six years, have thousands of uploaded image, and am using less than 10% of my space.

  28. Ok, thanks. This is slightly off topic, but can an admin or mod make it so I can use my real account post? Whenever I post with it, my threads are auto-closed and posts are auto-hidden / deleted. Account name is brett55.

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