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Help - remove iframe

  1. Anybody have any idea how to remove iframe from something so I can use it as a Widget. I've managed to do it with other Widgets, but as this is html I can't work it out.

    <table border='0' style='height:150px;width:320px;' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'><tr><td><iframe frameborder='0' scrolling='no' height='140' width='320' src=''></iframe><noframes>live scores</noframes></td></tr><tr style='background-color:#d9e4f0;height:10px;'><td align='right'>live scores</td></tr></table>


    The blog I need help with is

  2. And asking the same question many times will not change the answer, or get you a quicker answer, it also plugs up the forum and makes more work for those who might otherwise help you

    edited to say that I just closed the other threads directing the op to this one~Tess

  3. Well it's not a duplicate. The first one was asking what was wrong with the code. Somebody responded 'iframe' so I started a new thread asking how to remove iframe. Different question needed a different answer.

  4. The only "workaround" for iframe is to get plain html code from the site you got the iframe from. depending on what the code did the site you got the code from MIGHT be able to have some code that does something like the original, it also depends on the demand, making special code for a single site is not worth it. but no plain html code will do exactly what the iframe will do.

    iframes are a security risk.

    what does the code do?

  5. Okay thank you - it is a football league table which automatically updates

  6. Then you are probably out of luck - is there a way to link to the table on their home site? Make a picture of the table with a click here to see the latest.

    You could try asking at the site about plain html code, WordPress.COM has 65,000,000++ blogs and I doubt you are the only football blog here, so if enough people ask they might make some sort of workaround

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