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    hello people, hope you can help me with this.

    i reblogged a friend’s controversial post, but realized that maybe i should ask for permission first, so i deleted the reblogged post from my blog.
    once i got permission, i went to reblog again, and now it won’t let me;

    is there a way reblog again?


    The blog I need help with is



    I have read this Reblogging is Back! and all the comments as well. I don’t know if there is an ability to do multiple reblogs of the same post as no mention is made of it there. Your experience indicates that may not be possible. Have you tried using “Press This” instead to determine whether or not it will work for you?


    i think you may be right, but i still hope that maybe there’s a way.

    i could use the press this option, though it’s not a pretty/easy as the reblog button.

    ugh i feel like such a dope!

    i’m just hoping for a definitive answer; maybe someone knows something that i/we just haven’t found yet.



    Definitive answer come from Staff so please contact Staff for one.

    If Press This doesn’t work for you, then copying and pasting a brief quote with a correct attribution link to the post you wish to refer to takes only a few minutes. Then it takes only a few minutes longer to add some meaningful content of your own, assign catagories and/or tags and publish the new post.


    alrighty then.



    Will you be kind enough to please return to this thread and post the definitive answer you receive from Staff? Then we will be able to provide it to the next member who asks this question.


    once i get an answer, i’ll happily post it here.
    thanks for the contact staff link.
    for whatever reason, i couldn’t find that, which is why i posted my question here.



    You’re welcome re: the Staff contact link and thanks so much for agreeing to return and post the answer you receive from Staff here. :)


    I’d also like to know if it’s possible to reblog more than once as I run a couple of blogs on both of which I wanted to reblog a post from a third blog. After I’d done one, I found I couldn’t do the second. I wonder if Staff responded on this?



    Why don’t you just simply copy and paste it if the Reblog feature’s not working for you? Just be sure to give proper credit and not take too much of it, and to put the text in blockquotes so it’s clear it’s not original. And of course make the link to the original very prominent, so there’s no doubt it’s a reblog.

    gordonwellsuist, we can’t really give you perspective without knowing the URLs of the blogs involved. That’s pretty universal. Come to think of it, this applies to the original poster too. We’re seeing a very high incidence of people whose names aren’t linked, who don’t provide the URLs.


    @raincoaster OK, this is the post in question: .

    I first reblogged it to a private blog of mine:

    When I then wanted to post it to my public blog at I found I couldn’t do it. Where the “reblog” button had been there is now a “reblogged” one. Clicking on it does nothing. This suggests to me you only get one shot at reblogging. I’m just wondering if that’s by accident or design.

    Sorry for not giving URLs first time round. Thanks also for the copy and paste workaround suggestion – with appropriate acknowledgements as you suggest. I may try that if that’s what it takes.



    Ah, thanks. It might be a good idea to alert staff via the dashboard Help button, although it strikes me this is probably deliberate on their part, to prevent spammers from finding it a useful tool.

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