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Help!!! Screwy link in blog post (a dumb newbie question)

  1. I am going nuts trying to fix the link in this post:

    I am trying to include the link to a previous entry, specifically this link

    and I get funky formatting (colors & underlining) plus a 'link not found' message when I click it

    What the heck am I doing wrong???

  2. It looks like you've got the </a> in the wrong place on that link. Should be right before that bit about "Today's Music..."


  3. Thanks drmike

    Why does the WYSIWIG editor do makes me absolutely frustrated when this happens -- I spend forever trying to find a tiny thing like a misplaced ""

  4. I can't figure out how to make the a in sideways carats show up in the posts here either GRRRR!

  5. Um, you may want to try using the standard text editor. That way you can see the html code.

    Dashboard - > Users - > Your Profile - > Personal Options

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