Help setting up GoDaddy domain & adding Facebook to blog

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    I am trying to get my GoDaddy domain name to be my site address. I am aware that I will need to pay $12 a year, but I am still completely lost. I also want to set up Facebook for this same site, where people can like & share blog posts.

    Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is



    You can map your existing domain following this guide:

    You can add Facebook sharing buttons to your blog following this guide:


    And you can set things up so your blog here will automatically post to your facebook.



    Okay, I guess what I really need help with is just the GoDaddy aspect, but I will try to contact them. I wish there were a tutorial with GoDaddy to show me how to change it so it points to WordPress, I know what I need to it to point to, just not how to change it.


    In the cPanel over at godaddy, you can administer your domain name and change the addresses for the nameservers. I don’t have any clients on godaddy right now and my domain names are registered outside of my webhost, but it is there somewhere in the cPanel.



    Ok, I figured out how to get my domain over there, I just had to figure out the nameservers. I must be too impatient to figure stuff out. NOW, my domain is pointing to wordpress & I’ve paid the $12, but when I type in my address it doesn’t load & says cannot connect to server. Ah!


    After changing nameservers, it can take anywhere from a few hours to as much as 72 before the nameserver change will propagate through all the nameservers on the internet. Generally it should be less than 24, but that all depends on how often the nameservers at your ISP update. Just give it a little time.



    Oh that is awesome news! I was getting mad, I thought well jeesh, I figure it out & now it doesn’t work. THANK YOU! :)


    You are welcome.

    Also, before checking make sure and clear your browser cache. Sometimes it might pull from its cache rather than going out and getting fresh stuff.

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