Help Should I use WordPress software if I don’t write code?

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    This question is directed to someone on the WordPress Team

    I don’t write code or do web design and am starting a blog that I eventually want to monetize down the road after readership increases.

    Should I just go with a basic account and upgrades for now and then use WordPress software later on with my own host? My concern is shifting everything and losing links.

    Do I need to be able to write code to use the WP software?

    I am not interested in hosting my site via the high traffic VIP WordPress deal at 300. per month so that’s not an option, but if I can get a form of the VIP option where you set it up and I host elsewhere or a hosting WordPress plan that is leveraged with my traffic, I would be interested in that.

    Thanks very much!



    By purchasing domain mapping when you later want to make money with advertising, it is easy to migrate to your own host.




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