Help: Site was hijacked.

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    I was visiting a forum called Worthy Christian Forum and was told of a strange link showing up in my blogroll. Somehow the guy got a site about gay sex and Christianity. I’d not add such a thing as it is not appropriate. I asked him to verifiy this, as his visit didn’t shhow up.

    How do I go about preventing a site hijack? The guy claimed there was a site added to my blogroll. I had immediately checked and no such site was in the blogroll. He claimed it must have been the Internet gremlin who removed it, as it was there hours earlier. This conversation took place this afternoon.

    What can I do? It is true that I’ve been negligence but I still need to know what I can do. Thanks in advance!

    BTW, I didn’t see the odd link in the blogroll. this afternoon.

    The blog I need help with is


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    BTW, I didn’t see the odd link in the blogroll. this afternoon.

    How do you know that the link was added if you didn’t see it?
    I suspect that your forum “friend” is pulling your tail.

    It is true that I’ve been negligence

    If you are concerned, then change your password to something that no one will guess.



    There have been no links added to your blogroll recently.

    In addition to 1tess’s suggestion, two possibilities:

    1. Your friend’s computer has been infected, not your blog. It’s common for bad programs to alter the content of web pages as they’re viewed.

    2. Your blogroll is the same, but one of the sites you link to has been hijacked and replaced with something else.



    Thanks for the help. Sorry for the delay, I was very busy with revamping my site. In fact, it’s the topic of a different post that I’ll make.

    As for the guy from the other forum, I did post a message telling him to check his system. Not sure if he read the post, as I’m not likely to go back there. I, also found out why he thought my site was for sale. I typed in the wrong address. :(.

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