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Help slideshow desire

  1. mikkelmosgaardjensen

    Hi all.
    I have a dream to get a slideshow on my front page. And in the slideshow you would like to be able to press the image is displayed. and then move forward into the post I've linked to.

    But how do I do this?
    is a solution where you can just fix it in the box where I usually write messages and make pages?

    Ps I make website on wordpress's homepage.

    Here's how it looks where I make website.

    You can see it here:

    I do not know if I need it to plugin or whatever it is?

    Pre-1000 Thank you Sincerely Mikkel Jensen :-)

    My desire is such a box is here on this website.
    I would like to have such a slideshow, even changing picture. and then you can click on the image being displayed at the time. and then you come in on the post that is displayed.
    Tanks :-)
    Link :

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Helloe there, blogs and installs are not the same. Please read this > vs The Differences
    There is no FTP access to free hosted WordPress.COM blogs like the one linked to your username and we cannot install individual plugins.

    You can have slideshows on any free hosted blog and the Modularity Lite theme features a front page slideshow.

    You say you want "ever-changing" but that's not how slidehows work. They do not automatically advance. These are the themes we have that have post sliders Only four themes have a featured post slider that automatically advances: Debut, Currents, On Demand, Modularity Lite. (the first 3 are premium themes) and the last one is a free theme.

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