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Help Smokers obtain Rights and Freedoms

  1. I am writing this to obtain the attention of All tobacco smokers out there. As it stands, currently smokers do not have Rights or Freedoms. Smokers are being denied their Rights and Freedoms or have had them completely Removed. I need the assistance of Every smoker out there, who reads this, to strengthen their voices, obtain their courage, and Fight to get our Equality, and our Rights and Freedoms. Join me, please in this struggle to Fight Governments, Munincipalities, and Localities in order to obtain Rights and Freedoms For All Smokers Everywhere.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. See, the problem with "smoker's rights" is that smoke doesn't stay in one place. So unless you can control where it goes and doesn't go, you're fighting a losing battle. Smokers infringe on other people's rights because they didn't ask to inhale it, but because you exhaled as you were walking down the street or worse, as you enter a building, the person behind you or next to you is unwillingly victimized by your smoke.

    Go ahead an ruin your lungs, but don't inflict your habits on others. I'm glad that in the US, most states have smoking bans in public buildings, restaurants, etc. It looks like Canada is doing the same. Kudos to them.

  3. I agree with daisysprouts.
    You have an absolute right to smoke in a room with nobody else in it - more than that and you are infringing someone elses right to fresh air.

  4. More to the point this is a blogging support forum. You don't have support issue and have acted as if this is a public noticeboard board when it's not. Dtop the spamming, lest Staff take your ability to post to the these forums away.

  5. Is someone claiming that smokers have more rights than nonsmokers? Inventing rights for a special class of people? Addicts have more rights than those free of such afflictions?

    In Canada, you have the right to medical treatment for your illness. Unfortunately, no cure has yet been found for self-importance.

  6. Wow. So special rights for people who purposefully harm themselves by smoking cancer sticks?

    Not the brightest bulb in the pack, huh?

  7. I don't want my lungs ruined more than they are already, thank you very much. If I want to go out in public, I shouldn't have to worry about having an asthma attack because of someone else's filthy habit.

  8. This asthma is a MESS, Bitch.

  9. This asthma is a MESS, Bitch.

    That's a bit strong isn't it. She can't help having asthma. I'm a smoker but I wouldn't dream of inflicting my habit on others nor do I want special rights or privileges. And public buildings, pubs restaurants etc are much nicer without smoke.

  10. jessielansdel: Thank you for understanding. I wish I could help having asthma, but I can't. I was born with it and there is no cure.

  11. @carrieislager. I know how ghastly asthma is. My eldest niece has it and in the past has had to be admitted into hospital when an attack has been so bad. It must be horribly frightening during an attack.
    My best wishes to you.

  12. I have moderate asthma, but my sister has it worse.

    She absolutely cant be around smokers. I can tolerate it, but I start coughing when im around them.

    IMO, smoking in public is rude. No one wants to smell the nasty sting of cigarette smoke, especially people with asthma and other problems. Its just inconsiderate.

    Smoke at your own house, or in your car. Just not where other people can be affected.

  13. @jessielansdel and jmcartee: Again, thanks for understanding asthma. It's pretty scary when I have an attack, since it's so rare now. I've grown out of the worst of it, but I had pretty severe asthma when I was younger. Some of my earliest memories are being rushed to the hospital by my mother and being hooked up to what she called the nebulizer (not sure what the real name is). Apparently they didn't make fast-acting inhalers for kids that young at the time.

  14. I understand asthma dear Carrie.
    I have minor asthma for years. Once I got operated too but was of no use. I never had used inhaler even suggested by a medical specialist. Some years ago doctors told me that I've a weak heart and I can die at any spot. So don't do a hard physical work or exercise. But I ran in a 3 KM race and got 3rd position. I'm the vice captain of my village's cricket team. Not even death can defeat you when you're determined.
    May you live long carrie.

  15. strawberryindigo

    @alsider 56; I started smoking at 11. I quit at 36. It is very easy to start, it is not easy to quit.
    Smokers do have rights but not to the extent to deny others rights. Cigarettes are poison and they kill. In that there is no doubt. If you want to kill yourself, fine. You have the right. Smoke away.
    I have found that most smokers don't want to smoke but need to. It is sad. Not something to protest about rights. There are many people in the world that don't have food or clean water, or freedom or peace. Give them cigarettes and all will be well...Do you work for Phillip Morris?

  16. abandonedthisaccount

    I watched my father get stints because he smoked for a great part of his life. He quit for about almost 15 years until he picked it back up. That was until he had a massive heart attack.

    I used to smoke, when I saw my father in that bed, I quit that day. I have no desire to be in the same position as he was.

    I can't stand smokers. I hate the smell of smoke. I hate how inconsiderate and disrespectful smokers are.

    Smokers deserve no rights when they are committing self-suicide.

  17. Personally, I believe alcohol to be a greater threat to society and life. Whoever heard of someone beating his/her partner and kids because of smoking addiction. Or a driver killing someone because they had one too many cigs. Plus the anti social behaviour on city streets when the pubs and clubs close. All caused by alcohol.
    I lived with an alcoholic for twelve miserable years hoping he might change. He didn't of course that's why he is now ex partner. I'd rather he had smoked like a chimney.

  18. abandonedthisaccount

    People justify alcohol anymore by citing the prohibition. I think there needs to be stricter nationwide standards with alcohol. I don't think bars should let you drink anymore alcohol past a certain point and they all should check your blood alcohol level before you drink any alcohol. Same goes with places that sell alcohol.

    I don't believe you can fully get rid of alcohol. But I think stricter rules can limit, or nearly abolish all the nasty things that result in abuse of alcohol.

    You could say people will find ways to abuse it by drinking someone else's alcohol. That's possible and the most likely way it will occur. But we must not let someone buy more beer then what is necessary. IE Enough not to hit the nationwide standard. You can't buy anymore than that, regardless of who all is with you. Anyone found to have given someone their alcohol should be fined as alcohol shouldn't be shared. This would also cut down on many instances of alcohol abuse.

    I realize how "controlling" and "restrictive" that may be to someone's rights but we must look at this in the standpoint of Freedom of Speech. We all have the right to free speech but free speech does have it's limits. Libel, slander, obscenity, etc. Do your research. The principle of the matter is no different in comparison.

  19. I agree with @timethief. Unless this is specific to a blog post, this thread really doesn't belong here.

  20. @robrubin
    Hi there. That's why I did not feed this thread until now. The OP has not provided a blog post link and has not returned to this thread. I'm wondering why others are feeding this dead thread? I assume some bloggers may be posting because they are bored and have nothing else to focus on. Or perhaps there are new bloggers who feel the need to post to gain attention. I suppose I could be wrong about those suggested reasons and there could be some other valid reason(s) for feeding a dead thread I'm unaware of, but I won't by posting to it again because I have lots to do. :)

  21. Thank you everyone for your valuable comments, and you have the Right to feel as you do about smoking. In the same way, My comments are just as valid, and My feelings about smoking are just as real as yours. Just because we do not agree about smoking as a habit, does not make my arguement for the Rights of smokers any less valid or valuable. Some of you are concerned with smokers denying your Right to "Fresh Air". That must be some kind of Joke...really. Our cars, and trucks, buses and planes do more harm and are much more Foul Smelling than cigarette smoke ever will be. But I do not hear people or communities restricting a person's Right to drive, ride or fly.
    Another has stated that "smokers deserve no rights when they are committing 'self-suicide'", again this must be a joke. Smoking is Not the "killer" we have been led to believe. Admittedly, there is a Correlation between smoking and Several types of death, (cancer, heart disease, emphasema, to name a few) but smoking does Not Cause all these things.
    In order to make a Cause and Effect Conclusion, the results Must be able to be repeated 100% of the time. Since 100% of smokers do not die as a result of any one of the afore mentioned diseases, smoking cannot cause those diseases. Further, it is also true that Every human Being will Die. Smoking, may possibly reduce an average person's lifespan by 5 or 6 years, and quitting smoking will Not drastically increase anyone's lifespan. If it could be proven, that quitting smoking would increase the average lifespan of everyone (smokers and non-smokers alike) by 20 or 30 years, then there might be a solid arguement for people to stop smoking.
    Some smokers live to 90 or 100+ years, and some non-smokers only live 50 years. My basic arguement is that there Must be Rights for All People, or there will Never be any Equalty for anyone. Discrimination will always be Discrimination, and Discrimination towards anyone, for any reason, to my understanding Is and Forever will be Wrong. Discrimination, Prejudice, Segregation, and Separation are All wrong, so why must it be Practiced and even encouraged to exist towards Smokers?

  22. By the way, this discussion is related to a blog post, posted by me and titled "Notice to Smokers" and a second blog Titled "Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it"

  23. As a result of increased social awareness about the risks of smoking to personal health there have been major shifts in public tolerance towards environmental tobacco smoke. That intolerances based on many years of research suppressed by tobacco companies has led to legistration that's effectiove and enforeable where I live in Canada and in many other countries as well.

    Without doubt you have the right to present illogical argments that stem from your addiction. Without doubt those who do not wish to have their airspace polluted with any chemicals that are carcingenic has the right to tell what they think of your opinion. In areas that are restricted to smoker's by law non-smokers can and do take punitive legal action against self-absorbed addicts who spiel bullshit as well as smoke and that's what I advocate - take action - charge them and fine them.

    No one has the right to pollute any other person's airspace with their smoke. And anyone who thinks they have the right to make others sick and perhaps even cause them cancer, so they can continue their addiction needs far more than counselling to quit smoking. They need a clear and concise message followed up with a summons and that's what any addict gets from me. Get over your addiction and get out of my face.

  24. P.S. If you think I'm clicking into your blog - think again!

  25. No, your thoughts are not as valid as ours. The bogus claim that smokers have special rights is not only completely false, it is actively offensive.

  26. A smoker friend of mine justified smoking as, ''Sometimes I think of giving up smoking but for thinking I need a cigarette."

    I don't/will never defend smokers. They don't have right to spoil the lives of others. The smoke emited from the earth remains in the atmosphere and it takes 100 years to exclude it permanently. And I don't want to inhale air poluted with second hand smoke.

  27. phoenixtearsheal

    @ jessie - that's hell! glad you are free now, and hope life getting better for you.

  28. @dovesgold. Thank you. Yes, it was a tad grim but now it just seems like a very nasty nightmare. Been single for 11 years now and I love it. I can be myself, do what I want when I want and if I want to. And I have my WP blog :) And that's got to be a good thing. Yes, I am now content.

  29. phoenixtearsheal

    @ jessie - I had, what is compared to your experience, a very minor year-long attempt of trying to help an alcoholic (not even living with the person, just a friend), it grids you down it's hell; that's why I'm so very very glad you got free. It's hard to know that they have to it rock-bottom, that there's nothing anyone can do, they have to want to get better.
    I am so very very glad you're free!

  30. You seem to misinterpret or misunderstand my presentation raincoaster, nowhere have I stated that "smokers have special Rights". I have said and continue to state that smokers Have No Rights. I am fighting so that smokers can get Rights and Freedoms. I am fighting for Equality. I am Not fighting to have current restrictions (bans) removed. However; I am fighting to have No Further Restrictions Added.
    Are you sir, so prejudiced and arrogant so as to say My feelings, My thoughts, My citizenship in Canada Is Not Valid? It is a sad state of affairs, when prejudice is deemed ok for any reason. Prejudice towards any individual or group for any reason whatsoever IS NOW and ALWAYS WILL BE WRONG!

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