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Help Smokers obtain Rights and Freedoms

  1. You all seem to feel so strongly that smoking is a "killer". while there may indeed be some elements of truth in this, I would offer any you this challenge; I will place in my own mouth 25 cigarettes and smoke them all at the same time, right down to the filter, any of you brave non-smokers, can stick your lips around the exhaust pipe of your gas or diesel powered auto or truck. You keep your lips around that exhaust pipe for the same amount of time that it take me to smoke my 25 cigarettes to the filter. Who do you suppose will be dead at the completion of this challenge? So, in reality, which is worse for our health, your precious automobiles, or my smoking? Which by these precepts, should really be banned?

  2. have fun having yellow teeth and disgusting gums.

  3. You know, sometimes I almost think smokers killing themselves isn't such a bad thing.

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