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    I am an enthusiastic bloginner (, and recently migrated my 1-month old Blogspot blog to WordPress.

    While WordPress undoubtedly looks far better, I have been pulling my hair out trying to sort out a couple of small matters with it and FeedBurner. These primarily relate to:
    (i) how to reformat my blog header, and
    (ii) publicizing features, enabling me to set up feed and email subscriptions to the blog.

    If a WordPress savvy blogger would be willing to guide me through these matters – preferably by contacting me at the email address below (I would call them back) – I would be eternally grateful!

    Many thanks,

    Mike Isaacson
    [email removed – Mark]


    Moderator Emeritus

    Never post your email in a public forum unless you want spam!




    HOW, exactly, do you want to reformat your blog header?



    Tess, Teck & Raincoaster,

    Thank you all for responding.

    Tess – Oops! Noted.

    Teck – Great! Thanks. I finally succeeded.

    Raincoaster – I dunno . . . would just like to make it look better: perhaps a different font, a different colour, with “the weblog of mike isaacson” in smaller letters on the line beneath it.

    Also under the Publicize tab in FeedBurner (can someone please explain its interrelationship with WordPress), I managed to add a “Headline Animator” . . . but what is its purpose, and what does “↑ Grab this Headline Animator” mean?

    From a glance at my blog, are there any other features that I should consider adding?

    Thanks once again,




    The headline animator is a plain HTML widget that displays
    the headline of the 4 latest articles you have written.

    "↑ Grab this Headline Animator" mean?

    It’s so your readers can get the Plain HTML code so they
    can post the Headline Animator on there website to promote
    your articles.


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    I like the way your blog looks. As to having the tagline, “the weblog of mike isaacson” it’s visible to search engines. As for people being able to see it, that is theme dependent. I believe you could add it if you know CSS. Or, as I did, added it in Photoshop on the header image.

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