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    Newbie seeks advice: I’m running QUENTIN template. I’d like the introductory post of each of my categories to appear on my home page, with each sub-page in each category to only appear when the viewer uses the sidebar links.

    if you view my site you’ll see that “TRIPORTEURS in INDIA” is the relevant category, “Triporteurs in India” is the post i’d like to appear on the homepage. But “Cars and Curry” (and another 20 similar posts in this category) I’d like to be hidden from the homepage but be available by clicking the above category heading on the sidebar.

    Should these be pages rather than posts?

    I realize that with the dashboard facility i could open a new blog for each of my categories and post a page from each on the above homepage with a link to each to access the full 20 posts. But is there an easier way?

    Advice gratefully received



    You should probably write a static page that includes links to your categories and set that as the page your readers will see first (Options->Reading). Then, remove the category widget if you don’t want people accessing the categories there.

    Just so you know, a page cannot have categories assigned, so you will want to create posts for anything you want your readers to find in the categories.

    Make sense? I hope so :)



    Thanks for response.

    Are you saying upload all my posts first that introduce each category;

    then make the home page static;

    and then add the other posts in the various categories?

    BUT – if i want to add another post later to the home page, and i’ve already uploaded 40 or so extra posts that only show via the sidebar links (because home-page is static), if i then make the homepage non-static, surely they’ll all come up in the homepage rather than just the new one i need?

    it still sounds less complicated to make new blogs for each category and therefore have more control over them



    I didn’t realize you wanted a separate intro page for each category. Here’s what i suggest, but if you want to do a bunch of different blogs, that’s up to you:

    1. Write a page for each category introduction. Include in that page a link to the category:

    2. Create a text widget that includes links to those category intro pages. Replace the category widget with your text widget

    This way, you retain the dynamic home page, yet you can steer people through a category intro before they go to the category itself. I think that’s what you want, right?



    hmmm. it still seems like you have less control over the whole set-up than with separate blogs. i suppose the issue is that for a newbie is it’s easier to master the basic blog and reproduce it than the above process – and the basic blog appears to be the most intuitive part of the software with the most options that can be amended afterwards, eg templates

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