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Help switching back from self hosted to dot com

  1. stupid123456789

    Has anyone out there had any experience switching from a self hosted site back to I have realized that I am too stupid to have so much control and responsibility for my site and want to come back to the comfort of just posting every day. Any help would be appreciated. It's a fair amount of stuff.
    Thanks in advance, tom

  2. If you were were using the software on your self-hosted blog, then just use the "export" function under manage > export from your self-hosted blog and then use manage > import from the new .com blog and all should go smoothly.

    You will have to "import" your blogroll separately by going to blogroll > import on your new .com blog and then importing your blogroll from your self-hosted blog.

  3. You also have to manually upload and change links for all images that you posted in your blog. It is straight forward pretty much! I have moved around about 6 times in the past couple of years :)


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