HELP, the right sidebar is ahowing up at the bottom of the page…

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    hello, I need some help with the right sidebar for the theme Misty Look, it is supposed to appear at the right hand side of the main body but it shows up at the bottom just below he posts instead while leaving the right hand space blank.. can’t figure out how to make it worki correclty, can anyone help me?

    thanks, alex

    The blog I need help with is



    I see that you have changed now to using the Contempt theme. I also note that the sidebar issue seems to have been resolved.



    Hi I’m working in a much modified version of the Neoclassical theme … It’s pretty much a new theme but I’m having problems with my sidebar not showing up in IE but the site looks fine on Firefox. I have tried several different suggestions that I found in other topics but I still haven’t figured out the problem. My footer appears at the top of my sidebar in IE and half of my sidebar appears below the content posts?!?!?!? What’s that all about?

    Someone HELP!!!


    @brendanoc: Sorry, you’re in the wrong forum – see the stickies up top on the main page of this forum.



    okay …. thanks

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