Help! Theme is perfect – almost…

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    I’m using the theme prologue by automattic. It’s beautiful but it doesn’t display post titles.

    How can I turn on post titles?


    That is the way it is designed. It isn’t really a traditional blog, but as the blurg says, it was inspired by Twitter.

    To put titles on the posts, I am pretty sure you would need access to the underlying theme PHP script files, and we do not have access to those since this is a multi-user platform and any change to a theme file would affect everyone else using that theme.

    I doubt seriously if it could be done with the paid CSS upgrade, but I don’t know that for sure.



    thesacredpath, thanks for your reply. That is what I had feared. I guess I would have to start from scratch using the Sandbox theme.

    It would be great if the option for post titles was added.


    You’re welcome.

    Prologue as I said is not a traditional blog. It is a specialized thing, and is more like a running conversation that posts really.

    Sandbox 10 is wide open and I’ve been quite surprised at what people have been able to accomplish with it if they have a high level of expertise – or at least a lot of time for trial and error testing.

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