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    I really need help I am a 63 year business owner and I started a blogging site,(email redacted) and then expanded to promote my little business of Becky’s Sit and Dance. I started with a free theme called- Coraline and started blogging, then I was told by my son-in-law that I needed to make my site look more professional. So we purchased a theme from Theme Forrest .com called Summertime that was suggested to be able to work with my wordpress site. My son-in-law did the work of combining it and we made some changes on it, but then things went kinda of bad,as he got busy and he got irritated with me and for a while we did not communicate. So now we just don’t talk about computers, just family things. The problem is when I go in to try and make changes on the dashboard there is NO choice called”appearance ” with a way to fix the ten widgets that the site says I have. I don’t know why it is gone. I think my son-in-law is the main administrator of it and has done something so that only he can make changes to the widgets etc. Meanwhile I still need to get going and be able to make changes on my own site. I don’t want to bug my son-in-law about it as he gets very temperamental and isn’t very patient. Is there anyone that can help me or that I can call to talk me through what I need to do. I have purchased a domain name and hosting with GoDaddy, they suggested I contact you. Right now I am ready to delete the site and start over if I can’t get total control of my own site. We combined the original wordpress site with the domain name of

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    You’ve reached support for the free sites hosted at Your site at is hosted by GoDaddy using the free WordPress software available at

    Because your site is self-hosted with a different provider, support staff at do not have access to your site’s files or the ability to provide support for your current issue.

    You can find support for your self-hosted WordPress site here:

    If you need professional help for your self-hosted WordPress site, please check out
    You may also wish to contact support at GoDaddy for more assistance.



    thank you for your advice! Have a great day!!



    PS. I’ve asked GoDaddy for help and they said to talk with Word Press and that they can’t help except to delete the site and re-install it . Sorry to bother you and I’ll just have to try and figure this out, probable will just start over!


    Hi Becky,

    Because you are using you will have to seek support here:

    Hope this helps!



    If you do not have a WordPress.ORG username account click and register one on the top right hand corner of the page that opens, so you can post to the support forums there and receive advice from WordPress.ORG bloggers.

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