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    Our new horse racing season has started. I started trying to improve the look of my website and got in a bit off a mess. I wanted to separate the showjumping posts from the racecourses but I need a bit of help. If I am still using WordPress in 5 years time, I will be in a huddle. Any help would be really great.

    The blog I need help with is



    The only way to separate them is to assign different categories to the posts. See here >


    Hi there, thanks for your response, could you take another look at my site? I am happy with the Hippodromes now accross the top but the side bar with le monde equestre is so long. Is there anyway I can do something else there as I will be adding a lot more this year. ie, not sure how I can have for eg. Magny Cours 2012 and all the courses under that like I did with the hippodromes.
    thanks in advance



    You do not have to set the widget to display every entry. As I do not speak your language I do not know which widget it is. Is that the Categories widget? If so you can set it to display as a dropdown.


    Hello, I tried to add a categories widget on the right hand side as a drop down but I didn’t work. Could it be that the theme that I am using only supports the dropdown feature accorss the top of the page?


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    No, I just added a category widget as a dropdown in my test blog using the Coraline theme. I don’t understand why it wouldn’t work for you!

    But you are currently using a custom menu widget in your right sidebar and that will not work as a dropdown menu.


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    Hello, in the primary widget area, I have a custom menue (that’s fine and it appears on the LHS of my page,. In the secondary widget are I also have a custom menu, Le Monde Equestre. I created a categories widget where I added the categories I wanted to be visible but when I moved that to the ‘secondary widget area, it didn’t show. Instead a heading of META appeared with with site admin and log out underneath. I will read the links you sent me but feel that I have tried everything.

    I struggle with wordpress as it’s a bit complicated!


    If I swap the contents of the primary and secondary widgets round, down the RHS I get a heading of recent entries but still no sign of the categories widget I used. I need to leave for 2 days now but any help to sort this out wold really be appreciated. Thankyou for your comments to date.


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    Are you sure you are using the category widget?

    It simply shows all the categories so you cannot add specific categories to the widget. You add categories to the posts so they will be visible in the category widget.


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    If you are away for 2 days, then I’ll subscribe to this thread so will see is you post later. Perhaps another volunteer can explain better so you should also subscribe. Happy travels!


    Hello, it is a category widget. You can click on ‘visibility’ where I then clicked on for eg ‘show if ‘category’ is ‘Attelage 2012’.


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    Ah. Visibility means that the widget will appear on archive or category pages where the category is “Attelage 2012.” It won’t show on your front page.

    This is a bit complicated. If you have a parent category for example as “2012” with child cats as “Attelage” and “Chevaux” you could show a list of posts in “2012” with a dropdown list of “Attelage” and “Chevaux.” It’s a logic system of organization.

    Our different languages may be making this even more complicated?


    Hi there, we’re back. Oh lordy, I will need to digest that, give it a go and get back to you. Many thanks.


    Hi there, just wondering if you are English or if you think I’m not?


    Timetheif above has said that I do not have to set the widget to display every entry. This is why I tried to use the visibility option.

    Can anybody set out the stages for me in simple terms please? I have read through all the links but still can’t figure it out and I have been trying to do this since 10am. About to crack up!!!!

    When I create a new post with the name of the venue and the date (ie Vichy 01/05/13 as the title. I assign a category to the post, for example racecourses 2013. Along the top of my theme, I managed to create what I wanted by creating a new menu which has drop downs.

    On the RHS of my blog, I created another menu, using the menu widget but I cannot get this to display as a drop down. When I try to add a categories widget instead, it is showing all the racecourses and and all the other events. I don’t want the racecources to show here as they are already in the menu along the top.

    Is it possible to separate the showjumping events in a dropdown menu in the sidebar and not as it appears now like a giant list?



    The Categories widget has a built-in dropdown option, but it displays all your categories (and categories only): you cannot make it display selected categories, and you cannot make it display posts below categories.

    So, for a custom list you normally need to crate a custom menu, and assign it to the sidebar via a Custom Menu widget, just as you’ve done. Unfortunately, submenus display as dropdowns in the top menu only: in the sidebar they display as indented lists.

    So the answer to your closing question is: no, if you want that list in the sidebar, you cannot turn it into a dropdown. (Personally I can, but it would require a ton of coding in a Text widget, and maybe a couple of hours to perfect it: you understand I cannot do this for you.)


    Ah thankyou so much for that. At least I can stop trying. I should maybe re think the custom menu across the top now instead of trying to seperate everything. Will give it a go. Many thanks for everyones help.



    You’re welcome.

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