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Help to change stylesheet font with one

  1. aintimatemoment

    Hi everybody, I would love if somebody could help me with changing the stylesheet on my blog, . The size I would like is in the last post , A spiritual approach to coaching. I have imported my posts from blogger, and taken most of them through the notepad, to loose any formating. However I feel the natural fontsize is just to small (see the fontsize in the rest of the posts on the blog). So can anybody help me with how to change the stylesheet so the fonts get a size like the last post?

    Thank you very much for your time and help,


  2. In the last post, are we talking about the bold text or what comes after it?

  3. aintimatemoment

    Hi Mike, actually I have changed my blog since. I was reading around and found a page on wordpress, where it said that because of security issues one could not change the font size at the moment. So I just accepted this and changed the last post also. But if there is a way to change the font size permanently it would be great.

    I also found some post saying one could just put a line in after every tag in the post. But I do not know what a tag is.

    Thanks for the response

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