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Help to close track/ping backs on a post

  1. Hello,

    I understand that you can disable trackbacks and pingbacks for your whole site. I see how to do that. I have also seen that you can do it for an individual post. However, my wordpress does not seem to have the same interface options as all the tutorials that I have seen. When I go to edit the post page, the only option I see under the "Comments" heading at the bottom of the page is "Add Comment". It does not have the option to turn off comments and/or track/pingbacks. Is that option a setting I have to manage somewhere else?

    I am getting this pingback spam and I have not been able to stop it with plugins or blocking keywords or IP addresses. Since it's only one post that it is targeting; I would love to figure out how to just stop the activity on that one post.

    Thanks very much for your help! These spammers drive me crazy. I field way more spam than actual attention and comments on my blog...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. At the top of the "Edit Post" page, look for the link titled "Screen Options". Click on that and make sure the box next to "Discussion" is ticked. The option to disable pingbacks is in that box, not "Comments".

    Also make sure to mark any spam comments as spam. Do not delete them. The Akismet spam filter will learn over time to filter those comments out. However, don't mark comments from real people as spam, even if they're making a nuisance of themselves. They you can delete and then block via their usernames or emails (don't try blocking them using their IP addresses as your IP is different every time you log on and you might end up blocking other people instead).

  3. Thanks, kokkieh

  4. You're welcome.

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