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    I seriously cannot afford $129 for someone to transfer my site ( over to I want to turn it into a full news website and I have relatively little to nothing on the current site. I’ve directed my nameservers to my host, which is HostGator and I did FTP the file, but that’s where I get stuck. I still have the I get lost in the configuring stuff. I follow directions very well, but for some reason I can’t get this. Is there anyone out there that can help me and won’t charge me soooo much money to do something I obviously can’t do but is easy? I’m truly lost.

    The blog I need help with is



    Just set the site to private if you’ve exported the content and move on. You can use it as a practice blog or to test themes, etc.


    Wait. I’ve paid for the domain and want to transfer for it to to upload a theme that is perfect for what I want to do with the site. How do I do that without using the $129 service advertises? The current instructions are not working for me.



    “The current instructions are not working for me.” is not tremendously helpful. We need to know specifically the steps you took and the error you encountered at what step.

    You can move your domain to point to the new site by following these instructions:


    Hosting: I have a host (HostGator).

    Domain Management: I have completed the name server instructions. The name servers now point to my host (HostGator).

    Export: I’ve exported my current blog files ( and have saved them on my desktop. *I could easily start from scrap because I did so little with this site.

    Problem: I’ve read so many different posts, forums, and sites about transferring my site to I don’t know what’s next.

    Goal: Upload a news theme to create a full news/magazine website at

    Thank you for any help.



    Go to your dashboard for the hostgator site and go to Tools->Import and import the files. Make sure you have the media images as well. Then set the one here to Private.

    From there on, follow only instructions on Uploading themes is easy from the Install Themes page.


    Well, there isn’t a Dashboard in HostGator that I know of. There’s a Control Panel, but there wasn’t a Tools->Import options. There’s file manager and so on.

    What files am I supposed to upload in my directory. I have using the install features of HostGator have WordPress 3.4.2 installed. Should I removed any files in my director with WP? Do I need to upload any?

    Aside from the name server, where can I start over?

    There’s nothing in of showing up. It still continues to be

    I’m nearly ready to give up.


    I do appreciate your help though. I’ve done harder things than this (I think) and it’s getting the best of me.

    I just want to move the site over to to upload the theme I want. That’s all. :(


    I removed everything in my file manager that has wordpress related to it. However, my QuickInstall feature still has WordPress 3.4.2 installed.

    Starting fresh: what should I do now?

    Again, super thank you and forgive my frustration.



    It looks like you still don’t have WordPress installed on your Host Gator site

    PS – WordPress.ORG is the keeper of the WordPress software and not a host so you will not see anything about WordPress.ORG on your Host Gator site – you will not log into your Host Gator site with WordPress.ORG


    Wow, I don’t even know what to say. I’m gonna try HostGator Tech Support and see if they can help me out. Thank you for trying to help.

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